International Travel Updates


  • Suspension of International Travel

    • On March 19, the United States Department of State announced a Level 4 travel advisory applying to all international travel, its most severe warning. The advisory instructs all Americans abroad to either return to the United States or prepare to shelter in place, given the global threat of the coronavirus outbreak. Americans are instructed not to travel abroad. This notice is consistent with Saint Mary’s decision in early March to suspend all College-sponsored international travel through June 15, 2020. The College has reached out directly to all SMC students studying abroad to urge them to return to the United States as soon as practicable or prepare to shelter in place as per the State Department travel warning.

  • Travel Registration

    • Saint Mary’s College has not historically asked any member of our community to register personal travel. However, due to this emerging public health issue, we strongly encourage all students, faculty, and staff to register ALL travel, including personal and College-sponsored, international, and domestic travel. If a new COVID-19 outbreak occurs in a place where our community members have been traveling, having this confidential information will help our public health team take effective action. To register your travel, please follow this link.