Student Testimonials

Recent feedback from the SMC community after visiting CWAC

"Incredibly beneficial. The tutor was very knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

It can really help you build a stronger essay. I wish I had started using CWAC earlier."

"Easy to schedule, flexibility and accommodating modality, and great support."


"Mind blowing. I had no idea what was available to me and this was extremely helpful being

guided to all that is there. It's an amazing resource that is designed to help students with their success."

"Very helpful, lots of really cool tips I can use further in my writing journey.

I found the whole appointment helpful as it allowed me to think more critically about my paper overall.

They help you significantly with your writing, especially when a huge paper is due.

I enjoyed all the help and I will be returning for sure."

"It was helpful to get a second opinion, made me feel better about my writing.

I was not expecting to have a discussion with my writing advisor, I thought I would just share my essay and they would tell me what I did wrong so that I can correct it.

I enjoyed the discussion aspect of the meeting and found it very helpful.

It is a great resource I wish I used earlier."

"I have used this source many times and it has always made a big difference in my essay."
"It's a great resource to get an unbiased opinion on your paper."

"CWAC isn't just for helping with drafts!

CWAC advisors have helped me brainstorm ideas, create plans of attack for editing, and much more.

Don't let an unfinished draft stop you from coming in!"

"It was great! It was very helpful for my essay, specifically organization and content.

I really liked that the tutor made it more of a discussion than just suggesting edits.

It’s a really great environment that will make the writing process a lot easier."

"It definitely helps tweak and polish your essay, even when you don't realize it needs it."


"The people who work there are very knowledgeable about writing and provide good resources.

Excellent! My helper asked me a lot what sounded good for me to do rather than telling me what to do which was really cool.

Make an appointment ASAP! This is an awesome resource and I plan to use it a lot. Thank you again!

"CWAC is a useful tool for ensuring you'll be able to get the best possible grades on school essays.

Even if you feel confident about your essay, you have nothing to lose by consulting an advisor for some feedback."

"I found it helpful that my advisor asked me what I wanted to accomplish during the session and made sure we achieved all my goals before leaving."

"It can be a big help for anyone who's struggling with writer's block or to turn in a writing assignment on time."


"It's more helpful than you'd think.

Even if you're at a place in your essay where you feel you don't need any more help, you'd be surprised at what insight you might get."