IWCA Conferences

At the IWCA, CWAC advisers and faculty have shared their work with the international community of writing center professionals.

IWCA 2015: Pittsburgh, PAAnnie Keig '17, Shane McCarthy '16, CJ Cosas '15, and Andy Kirkpatrick '16 at the IWCA 2015.

"Using Vernacular Language to Sail through Brainstorms" ~ Annie Keig, Andy Kirkpatrick, CJ Cosas, and Shane McCarthy

Sailing through brainstorming sessions can be difficult because writing advisers cannot use conventional strategies to assist writers to choose a focus for their paper. This workshop will incorporate improvised performances of typical brainstorm sessions. Participants will experiment with vernacular language and conversation to help writing advisers navigate through brainstorms. View the Prezi presentation here.


IWCA 2014: Orlando, FL

"Jedi Master 101: Training in the Minimalist and Writing in the Disciplines (WID) Pedagogies" ~ CJ Cosas, David Fujii, and Krista Valera

Similar to a Jedi Master, a minimalist writing adviser offers questions and perspectives, never stealing control of the disciplinary subject or the expression. By practicing the perspective of a Jedi Master, participants experienced how to empower student writers. Participants also discussed the adviser-student relationship through the combination of Minimalist and Writing in the Disciplines pedagogies, as well as ways to creatively engage advisers in training. Click here to view the Prezi.Holland Enke '15, Reyna Olegario '14, and Jaquelyn Davis '15 at the 2014 IWCA Conference.

"Matching Missions: Aligning your Center with the Philosophies and Needs of your Campus" ~ Jaquelyn Davis, Holland Enke, and Reyna Olegario

This workshop discussed the transformation of Saint Mary’s College’s writing center in order to reveal the importance of aligning a center with the mission of its campus. While analyzing our center’s evolution, we developed a method—Identify, Reflect, Analyze, Change—for assessing mission statements and pedagogical practices in order to facilitate practical change. We guided participants through each step so they could consider their own missions and universities. Click here to view the Prezi.