Conferences and Research

CWAC is a hub for research on campus. Each year, student writing advisers, faculty and staff collaborate on research projects and share their work at conferences at both the regional and international levels.

Spring 2016: Writing Advisers present their research to their fellow advisers before presenting at a conference.

Current Research Projects:

"Mindful Reflection in the Center: how infusing our work with mindfulness and reflective practices impacts us and the writers we work with"

We’ll begin with a brief stress-relieving meditation. Then we’ll share research into how mindfulness practices – such as meditation, intentional pausing, verbal check-ins, and written reflection – impact our work with writers and the session reports we write, allowing for exploration and vulnerability. Participants will workshop ways to encourage mindfulness.

"Privilege, Access, and Marginalized Communities: Using and Engaging Academic Language"

The writing center is a space that supports one's curriculum studies but doesn’t fall within the umbrella of classes and required courses. Therefore, it can function as a place to support students in areas where academic life fails to acknowledge or appreciate differences in access and privilege, including gatekeeping inherent in academic language. 

"How to Seduce the Creative Mind: Workshopping Approaches to Creative Writing"

No writer is an island. Although like most genres, creative writing benefits from collaboration, writers of creative pieces rarely use the center’s resources. We will share our research into why this is the case and facilitate a workshop sampling strategies to inspire progress along the creative journey. 

"Before the Next Wildfire or Power Outage - How to Prepare the Center for an Emergency"

If emergency strikes, safety hinges on the writing center staff’s reliable and immediate response. Advisers must be as confident as they are thorough in implementing a center’s preparations and protocols. We’ll share research on emergency preparedness and then workshop ideas for applying best practices to writing centers.