Changes at Oliver Hall and Café Louis

When Saint Mary’s students return in January, there’ll be one final present to unwrap. Sodexo is spending $500,000 over the holidays to update the food service in Oliver Hall and Café Louis.

In Oliver Hall, workers are installing a brick pizza oven, along with a hydration station where students can fill up their water bottles. Even the ambiance will improve—with new lighting in the alcove by the Legacy Garden.

At Café Louis, Sodexo will be going for the feel of a bistro with a new format called “Corner Bistro” “We’re going to change the look—all new colors, the whole counter is coming out and there’ll be more soft seating,” says Sodexo GM Matt Carroll, who has been following trends in college food service.

Carroll says graduate and commuter students have been asking for more hot food and organic items, so “breakfast will have cage free eggs and the smoothies will be organic.” He says the company will be sourcing a lot of their food from within 150 – 200 miles to make it more locally fresh and organic.

“We’ve been planning this for over a year,” says Carroll, “but couldn’t get the permits this summer.” He says construction will begin after lunch on Thursday, December 12, and be done when school reconvenes Monday, January 6.

As for any rumors that Café Louis will be changing its name, Carroll says that’s not going to happen. The Corner Bistro will be part of Café Louis, but the popular eatery will always be named after SMC’s popular baseball coach—Louis Guisto.