Precious Water and Watersheds

Mountain View Sanitation District Wetland Ponds provide wonderful habitat and function as an economical solution to the District's need to have a safe discharge point.

Precious Water and Watersheds


These webpages were created by the students and faculty involved in the three Jan term courses at Saint Mary's College of California. The students and faculty explored a number of field sites in the SF Bay Area and have performed some creek mapping for Contra Costa County. In addition to studying water quality basics, an educational outreach experiment was also provided to a local elementary school each January.

To complement classroom work, laboratory activities typically occurred twice a week. The College's seasonal red willow swamp was carefully investigated a number of times and progress on a formal field station was discussed.

Numerous water issues and the state of different SF Bay Area wetlands were investigated each year.

Dow Wetlands, Pittsburg, CA (photo by S.Bachofer)