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U.S. EPA and DOD established RABs in 1994. The RABs should facilitate comunication between the comunities and the military with regrad to environmental cleanups.

RABs are similar to Community Advisory Groups (CAGs) which are established for non-federal facility NPL sites.

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Implementation Guidelines

The Alameda NAS RAB rules and minutes are available at the Navy PMO web site.

Following a specific assignment, students read how two branches of the government (U.S. EPA and DOD) have designed  RABs as a communication tool.  The students were directed to write a summmary and then as a team assemble a joint summary.  The team summaries are listed on the student's perspectives page.

The Alameda NAS RAB fucntions to provide the community of Alameda an advisory voice in the clean up of Alameda NAS (now called Alameda Point).  Nearly all the installation restoration sites are within the property boundaries of the former Naval Air Station, however ther are a few sites that beyond the former bases fencelines.


Alameda Point CERCLA site map


The IR site map is available as a pdf file from this site and was released by the Navy PMO (permission granted by Navy RAB co-chair, Thomas Macchaiarella).