Focus Group Comments

Focus Group CommentsSpecific comments are available as audio files below by clicking on the speaker button icon.

RAB focus group session was recorded on April 29, 2005.


Commitment to RAB/ Reasons for joining

The five RAB members gave us some of their reasons. 

Questions Digital Audio
Question by Phylis Martinelli  
Jeanne and Jim Sweeney  
 George Humphreys  
 Dale Smith  
 James Leach


Three issues were raised and are recorded here to present the voices of these RAB members.  The comments represent their honest concerns.  Each person attending the focus group signed a videographer's release to allow us to present their voices on these issues.

Fragmentation of Reports

George Humphreys

Providing input on Time Critical Removal Actions (TCRAs)

Question by Steve Bachofer
Responses on TCRAs  
Couast Guard Housing
Water Tank Removal

Radiation Waste

Full reporting issue

Jet positioned near the Atlantic entrance to the former NAS Alameda (Now Alameda Point)