RETURN Learning Community

RETUrN: Renewable Environment: Transforming Urban Neighborhoods © 

RETURN Learning Community

This photo used with permission of the City of Alameda Development Department

The learning community involves students taking a general science course and a social science or humanities course with a linked thematic focus, in this case the redevelopment of a local Superfund site. The faculty and students are working in partnership with the community to understand how a neighborhood can be reborn, meeting many challenges. 

This Learning Community became a SENCER model course (Summer 2005)

Historical Background on Alameda Point (formerly Alameda NAS)

  • Alameda NAS closed 1997 under the BRAC III.
  • Alameda NAS added to the National Priorities List (NPL) which is the Superfund site list in 1999.
  • Alameda History Timeline