Superfund Alameda NAS

Renewable Environments: Transforming Urban Neighborhoods (RETUrN) Learning Community:General science and introductory sociology curriculum thematically linked using a Superfund site undergoing redevelopment.  The Superfund site under study was the former NAS Alameda now known as Alameda Point.  As our first linked classes, we as instructors had learning outcomes in mind for our students.

This photo used with permission of the City of Alameda Development Department.

RETUrN: Renewable Environment: Transforming Urban Neighborhoods © 

The learning community involves students taking a general science course and a social science or humanities course with a linked thematic focus, in this case the redevelopment of a local Superfund site.  The faculty and students are working in partnership with the community to understand how a neighborhood can be reborn, meeting many challenges. 

This Learning Community became a SENCER model course (Summer 2005)


Historical Background on Alameda Point (formerly Alameda NAS)


US Army Air Corps acquires future NAS site from city in 1930.

US Navy gets title on land from Army and starts building due to military growth in Europe in 1936.

City builds Marina Village 205-acre mixed-use project near NAS in 1980s.

Navy announces the closure of Alameda NAS in 1993 and City starts BRAG to plan future.

NAS Alameda Reuse Plan adopted in January 1996.  Reuse Plan approved by both US Navy and HUD later.

Alamaeda Point Collaborative begins operations at Alameda NAS in 1994-5.

Alameda NAS closed 1997 under the BRAC III.

Alameda NAS added to the National Priorities List (NPL) which is the Superfund list in 1999 ( CA2170023236 ).