Contributors to the Linked Courses 2003-2006

Informal Faculty Committee

When Steve Bachofer brought the idea of starting linked courses at Saint Mary's College a group of interested faculty met to discuss logistics, implementation and pedagogy. These included:  Steve Woolpert, Gretchen Lemke-Sant Angelo, etc.

Saint Mary's Administration

Many colleges and universities are interested in the concept of linked courses as a way to broaden students' horizons from a narrow disciplinary focus or to retain students with unique offerings.  But, many do not adequately support the growth of such innovations.  We have been very fortunate to receive a wholehearted support through release time, funding, and small class sizes.  From our Provost, to Deans, Department Chairs and colleagues, we have been aided.


The SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) project is an NSF funded program.  SENCER faculty provided considerable insight on building the learning community curriculum and on infusing civic engagement into the curriculum.

Community Contacts

The RETUrN LC has been successful since the support from the community has been so strong.  This learning community was developed with a commitment to reciprocity and a strong partnership between the College and many community organizations have grown. The students and faculty of the RETUrN LC have had regular interactions annually with the agencies listed below which is only a partial list of partners in this project.

City of Alameda Development Department

Alameda Point Collaborative

XRF Experiments

Use of field portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) has facilitated the study of exposure to heavy metals from many sources.  The instrumentation was initially rented and more recently a Dreyfus Foundation Special Grant provided funds to purchase an instrument.  With this instrumentation, more civic engagement laboratory experiences have been developed throughout the science curriculum.

U.S. EPA Superfund site personnel

U.S. EPA Region 9 office personnel have generously offered time and valuable critique on some of the field experiment work in the past and hopefully our interactions will continue. 

Faculty Center for the Advancement of Technology in Teaching and Research (FCAT)

The fellow faculty members associated with FCAT have given us (Steve Bachofer and Phylis Martinelli) a great deal of insight as we worked to develop this web resource.