Cheryl Jett ’08: From Transfer Student to Senior Analyst at NorthMarq Financial

When Cheryl Jett ’08 set her sights on coming to California, she came prepared with the confidence that her life was about to begin a trajectory that would set her on a path to achieving her goals. Newly married, Jett and her husband left her native Ohio and arrived in the Golden State in 1985 with jobs lined up and plans to travel the world. Several years later, Jett and her husband became parents of a beautiful baby girl. Life for Jett was great, but something was missing—she was eager to complete her college education, which she had started years earlier at the University of Cincinnati. After researching colleges in the area, Jett liked what Saint Mary’s had to offer and she officially became a transfer student, leaving the University of Cincinnati Bearcats to become a Saint Mary’s Gael!

“When I got married, I stayed out of school for a while, but I knew that I was going to eventually return because earning my degree was still a top priority,” said Jett. “At the University of Cincinnati, I was a Business Accounting major. I wanted to continue to pursue a business degree and was very impressed with Saint Mary’s business program. This solidified my decision to transfer and complete my degree at the College.”

Jett graduated as an honors student with a BA in Management, which helped to position her for what has now evolved into a 30+ year career as a senior analyst with NorthMarq Financial, a leading commercial real estate management and investment firm. “When I started with NorthMarq upon arriving in California, I didn’t have a degree; but after earning my degree from Saint Mary’s, I have risen through the company ranks and now hold the top analyst position,” said Jett. “Saint Mary’s prepared me well for my long-established career.

In her role as senior analyst, Jett travels across the nation to meet with clients and visit the many properties managed by her firm. “Sometimes I am in two to three different states in one week, and as a result, the folks at the airlines know me well,” said Jett. “I always say that I have friends in high and low places—meaning thousands of feet into the sky as well as on solid ground,” she chuckled.

For Jett, her Saint Mary’s experience is a goal fulfilled, a destination achieved, and an outcome that keeps on giving. “If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing,” said Jett.