Class of 2011 School of Science Award Winners

School Awards

Kurt Thompson
Arthur S. Campbell Award
Outstanding scholastic record in the School of Science

Departmental Awards

Kristen Hatfield (Biology Major), Margaret Mead Award (Anthropology)
Shannon Lowell, Carlos Freitas Award (Biology)
Kathryn Orr, Joseph P. McKenna Award (Chemistry)
Cristin Seppa, Julie A. Pryde (Health Sciences)
Kayla Diemoz, Brother Alfred Brousseau, FSC Award (Math & Computer Science)
Kurt Thompson, Galileo Galilei Award (Physics & Astronomy)
Danielle Lucier, Frederick Whelan Award (Psychology)

Service Awards

Jordan Grider, George R. McKeon Award (Male Scholar Athlete)
Shannon Lowell, - George R. McKeon Award (Female Scholar Athlete)

In Addition...

National Honors Society welcomed 8 SMC Seniors, including
Wayne Doyle (Health Sciences)
The students were inducted into the National Catholic College Graduate Honors Society