Clifford Lee


Clifford Lee, an assistant professor in the Single Subject Teacher Education (SSTE) Program, teaches courses on the topics of Schooling Inequality; Critical Pedagogy/Literacy; Sociocultural Theory; Multiliteracies; Culturally Responsive Pedagogy; Social Studies Methods; Project Based Learning; and Restorative Justice.

What are you working on now?

I’ve been researching and working with urban youth of color who use transmedia storytelling to tell stories at Youth Radio. Essentially, at Youth Radio Interactive, youth and adults collaboratively create interactive, multimodal “story worlds” with interactive maps, games, video, audio, mobile apps, and/or text-based narratives to tell stories often unheard in the mainstream media. I study the entire learning process these youth engage in: pre-production brainstorms; aesthetic designs; data analyses; user, market, and archival research; computer programming; analyses of the message(s), purpose(s), and audience(s); interviews; etc.

What do you think makes the single subject program unique or different from other institutions?

Our Single Subject Teacher Education program’s focus is on producing the next generation of critical, transformative urban teacher-scholars. We equip our students with the latest research-based practices taught in a small, community-thriving cohort. Our professors have extensive experience working and researching in urban schools and communities and continue to work in urban schools to stay abreast of the latest realities students and teachers face.

What excites you most about teaching?

Those moments when my graduate students recognize, own, challenge, and interrupt their power and privileges and seek to dismantle an inequitable schooling system through their new ideological perspectives, words, behaviors, and actions.

What do you tell prospective candidates about KSOE?

If you want to learn what it takes to disrupt and transform inequitable systems of schooling and to authentically build with students and communities who have been historically dispossessed, bring your passion, reflexivity, diligence, resourcefulness, and love to our program. We aim to become the preeminent, urban teacher preparation education program in the nation by infusing critical and community-sustaining pedagogies to provide an education for liberation.

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

When former students describe their passion for fighting against social inequities in historically marginalized communities.