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Start the Season

¨  Correspond with league to submit all forms and attend conference meeting

¨  Meet with coach regarding practice attendance, the schedule, playing time expectations, conditioning expectations, team captain leadership, player-coach communication, team goals, team apparel, and equipment

Launch Recruiting Campaigns Each Semester

¨  Ensure leadership is at the Information Faire (11a-2pm)
¨  Visit door to door, professionally
¨  Post approved fliers and posters on campus (use blue tape only) & under doors
¨  Host info tables at late night, lunch, dinner

Hold Your Fall Information Meeting in the first 2 Weeks of School

¨  Request a Classroom by to Beckie 
¨  Publicize your meeting on campus
¨  Set an Agenda for meeting and notify all interested persons

Launch Practice

¨  Request facility through email.
¨  When approved, notify all interested and retuning participants of 1st practice
¨  Ensure each participant completes registration at
¨  Follow Emergency protocol as needed


¨  Communicate with Rec Sports Office, weekly

¨  Identify and train future leadership


¨  Retrieve all club owned inventory at last game
¨  Turn club inventory into office
¨  Organize team closing awards/recognition
¨  Announce next club leadership


Evaluate Equipment

¨  Take equipment inventory with Adam
¨  Submit requests for club owned equipment and uniforms to Adam and Beckie

Submit the Team Dues Structure

¨  Calculate and propose team dues. Meet with Beckie for final request/approval
¨  Collect, organize and deposit club dues at the office, on schedule

  • Presidents must submit a due breakdown, informing the office what dues will be allocated to.
  • Do not deposit dues to reimburse players for their purchase of food or fuel while on a team event
  • Dues are collected from each player in the form of cash, or check and deposited with Rec Sports.
  • Checks are made out to Rec Sports, with the players name and sport in the memo section.
  • Deposits envelopes, given to the office, must be labeled with the player name, their deposit amount and the total deposit amount that is in the envelope.
  • Players who do not pay the full due should not receive the full benefit that other players receive unless the team fundraises to offset their costs.
  • Players need to be informed that dues are nonrefundable

Submit Travel & Expense Requests

¨  Request travel and lodging needs 4 weeks in advance, w/ 3 hotel quotes for lodging with Adam
¨  Request apparel purchases for team (w/ sizes, item, concept) with Beckie

 Develop Fundraising Campaigns

¨  Meet with Beckie for final request/approval


 Competition: Home and Away

¨  Always confirm with opponent the week prior to competition
¨  Ensure professional SMC game set up &  break down and clear trash
¨  Enforce professional dress code of team on all travel trips
¨  Enforce general, behavior and travel policy (see below)

 Risk Management

¨  Ensure each participant completes registration at
¨  Follow Emergency protocol as needed
¨  Ensure all drivers paperwork is submitted to Adam
¨  Enforce general, behavior and travel policy (see below)

Public Relations

 Promote Your Team

¨  Provide immediate score results to Beckie
¨  Submit competition reports for website, following all games to Beckie
¨  Update/provide info for team website.
¨  Create game promotion items (ie. get approval, use blue tape only, post in SMC posting areas)
¨  Navigate social media, positivity and professionally
¨  Arrange for Team Photos


¨  Initiate alumni correspondence campaign
¨  Meet with Beckie for final request/approval

Enforce Policy- General

All students participating on a Club Sports team must sign a Saint Mary's College Agreement and Release of Liability form (a “waiver” form) prior to participating in any activity, and also must fill out an emergency card.

Enforce Policy- Behavior

Saint Mary's College and the Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports will not tolerate any form of hazing. College hazing sanctions are severe.

From time of departure, to arrival back on campus, intoxication, the consumption of alcohol, use of tobacco products or any illegal substance in connection with any officially sponsored activity, contest, or trip is prohibited.

Ensure all players refrain from being negative to the opponent.

Enforce  Policy- Travel

All Club Sports participants must travel to and from the contest together. 

Any Club Sports participant wishing to stay after a game with family may, w/ pre-approval by Head Coach & RS Department.

Club Sports participants may car pool using their personal vehicles as long as the scheduled trip is no longer than 2 hours, and driving times are between 7:00am and 12:00am. Anyone driving during any portion must have a current and valid driver's license and must be an approved driver w/ paperwork on file.

Buses, with professional drivers, must be used for trips longer than 2 hours.

Drive safely and obey all state and local laws or ordinances, including the wearing of seat belts.

Teams will not be permitted to travel, stay or compete w/out a coach or staff member present. Professional dress code of team must be enforced on all travel trips.

Unauthorized travel may result in suspension from practice and/or future competitions, as determined by the ADA for Rec Sports.