2021 - 2022 Roster

The Women's Club Volleyball team is looking forward to a great season this year. They have a huge turn out of 42 girls!! We are looking forward to cheering them on and having a great season!!Here is the roster for this years team!!

First Last Year Position
Antonella Avanto Freshman DS, OH
Megan Cheng Senior RS, OH, BR
Sidney Clymer-Engelhart Senior S
Brooke Ellingson Junior Middle
Nicole Hanson Senior RSH
Annika Henthorn Junior S, OH
Fiona Lazzaretti Sophomore DS
Nyah Littles Freshman MH, RSH
Danielle Miller Senior OH
Hannah Pilgrim Senior Opposite
Samantha Rodgers Senior S
Kelly Ruff Senior MH
Eva Soria Senior O,L
Lauren-Taylor Hoebing Senior DS
Ayanna Williams Freshman S, OH
Isabella Wynn Sophomore DS