CNBC, KPIX-TV Tap Steve Woolpert for Insight on Oregon's Mileage Tax and California's High Speed Rail

The NBC online news outlets, CNBC and MSNBC, carried an interview with Saint Mary's Steve Woolpert in a story about an Oregon state proposal to tax drivers according to the miles they drive. The dean of the School of Liberal Arts and a politics professor whose academic research includes environmental policy implementation, is quoted in the Matt Twomey story "Taxed by the mile instead of taxed at the pump."  Read the CNBC story.

Woolpert was also tapped by KPIX-TV, the San Francisco CBS affiliate, for insight on a judicial ruling that appears to have derailed California's planned high speed rail project. A politics professor whose academic research also includes the impact of judicial decisions on public policy, Woolpert commented on the decision by a superior court judge preventing the state's high speed rail authority from spending $10 billion raised from a bond measure because of lack of clarity as to where the rest of the money to pay for the massive endeaveor — estimated at $68 billion — will come from.  Watch the KPIX report.

Date of Mention: 
Wednesday, November 27, 2013