About the SMC Archives

Archives Services

What can the Archives staff do for you?

  • Help find answers to specific questions.
  • Guide you while you conduct more thorough research using the collections.
  • Consult with you about how to prepare and transfer / donate documents relating to SMC history to the Archives.

What else should you know about using the Archives?

  • The Archives receives questions from around the world but questions from the Saint Mary’s community are given highest priority.
  • Part of our collections is stored off site. These materials require 4-6 days to retrieve.
  • Some of our collections have restrictions on access because they are unprocessed or due to restrictive donor agreements or Saint Mary’s access policies.
  • Not all Saint Mary’s archival documents are available via the Archives. There may be other locations on or off campus where you can find answers to your questions about the College and its history. Ask us and we’ll try to direct you to the appropriate office.