Preparing Records for Transfer to the Archives

Please contact the Archives before sending any materials to the Archives.

Office records

Please prepare office records (correspondence files, reports, etc) as follows:

  • Use archival boxes. Let us know how many you need and we will provide them.
  • Remove file folders from Pendaflex hanging folders.
  • Please pack loosely. You should be able to get your fist between the last of the folders and the box.
  • On the end of the box, under the handle, mark each box with the department name (or abbreviation) and number the boxes consecutively, e.g. “Dean of Science 1”, “Dean of Science 2”.
  • Please do not use adhesives, labels, tape, etc on the boxes.
  • Under the lid of the first box, include a memo on your office letterhead including the name and phone number of person sending the records and the number of boxes being sent.
  • Under the lid of each box, include a listing of its contents. E.g. “Correspondence, 1992”.


  • Disturb the photographs as little as possible. I.e. do not remove from original envelopes, mounts etc and do not write on the photos.
  • Please (!) provide accompanying documentation / description of the photos: who, what, when, where and (if known) by whom the photo was taken.

Computer disks, cassettes, and other media

For computer media, identify (to extent possible) the computer operating system (e.g. DOS, Windows, Mac), version (e.g. DOS 3.0, Windows 95, Windows 2003, Mac OS 9, Mac OS 10.4), and program and version used to create the files on the disks (e.g. MS Office 2003, Powerpoint 4).