College Archives Use Policies

Instructions for Library and Archives staff, College staff and faculty, and visitors and researchers in the Archives:
  • Register first. Researchers must read these policies and sign the Researcher Registration Form before using the Saint Mary’s College Archives.

  • The Archives is a “closed stack” (i.e. no one except Archives Staff goes into the Archives vault to add to or retrieve items). Items to be used are retrieved by Archives staff and used by researchers only under supervision: the items stay in the Archives Reading Room while they are being looked at.

  • No item is to be checked out or removed from the Archives without the explicit written permission of the Archivist.

  • Archives materials will be kept for future generations. Please handle materials with care. Do not write on, fold, trace over, or handle the materials in any way which may cause damage. Handle all papers by their edges and do not touch the surface of photographs. Special gloves supplied by the Archives must be worn when examining photographs. Do not use “Post-its” or write on on any archival material.

  • Photocopying or scanning of Archives documents is done by Archives staff only. A nominal fee may be charged to recover costs.

  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Archives.

  • No ink pens. Due to potential harmful residues from ink, only pencils and note-taking paper are permitted on Archives reading tables in addition to archival materials.

  • Personal belongings. Researchers and visitors should leave belongings in the storage spaces provided, away from the study tables.

  • Publication. Saint Mary’s College Archives does not hold the copyright for much of its materials. Permission to publish must first be obtained from the holder of copyright. It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure that permission. Please credit the College Archives as follows: "Courtesy of Saint Mary's College Archives, Moraga, California"