Digital Signage

The digital signs located across campus allow students and faculty to share upcoming events and general information with the community as a whole.

For questions, email

Image Requirements:

Full Screen: 1920 x 1080 pixels

If your image is smaller than 1920x1080 pixels, it will stretch to fill the screen, becoming pixelated and difficult to read.

Acceptable Formats: JPEG, PSD, PDF. (MS Word/Text documents cannot be accepted)


If your image is too small to fit the digital signage system, it will be placed into a 1920 x 1080 sized template to avoid pixelation. That template is available below.

a template for digital signage

What to Include:

Your announcement should be clear, concise and engaging, and must include:

  • Event Title
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Contact Information
  • Brief Description of Program

Best Practices:

Do not use unreadable fonts.

Do not crowd out your message with too many graphics.

Don't include too much text.

Submit your posting as early as possible* -- we recommend submitting two weeks ahead.

All postings are subject to the same criteria utilized for physical postings around campus

Remember, digital signage is a visual medium. Your post will be viewable for 10 seconds at a time - make your information legible!

How to Submit:

Submitting digital signage must be done while on Saint Mary's College's wifi network on campus. Attempts to submit signage from personal wifi networks while off-campus will result in an error message. 

Step 1: Upload your poster to

User Name: SMCcommunity

Password: GoGaels2017!

Step 2: Email to confirm your submission. Please include the duration you'd like the banner to display. 

*It can take two full business days from when you submit your signage to when it is viewable, so please submit your signage well in advance of your event!