Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Visual Identity System? A Visual Identity System is a cohesive and coordinated effort to tell the Saint Mary’s story. It provides a consistent visual identity for communications within the campus community and to the world at large. The system is a group of word marks, symbols and color palettes with guidelines for usage in a variety of media. It tells the viewer that we know who we are.

Why We Need a Visual Identity System?
Before the adoption of this new system, there were several logos and numerous versions of stationery in use, each fragmenting the identity of the College. The College’s 150 year tradition of superior education was often obscured by a lack of a clear, concise message to the campus, the public and to prospective students. Everyday, many people see communications from Saint Mary’s in the form of correspondence, brochures, posters, e-mails, advertising, invitations, forms, applications, buildings, vehicle signs and the website. These media all represent the College, and as such, require a clear and identifiable look and voice. Now we have a system that can deliver a consistent, coordinated look and voice.


How Was the New Visual Identity Developed?
This new identity system is the one product of the Building on Strengths plan (1.3.) For the past year, the Institutional Marketing Plan Committee , a group composed of constituents from across the College worked to develop the new system.. The committee conducted research, defined the competition, developed a set of objectives and looked at numerous proposals. At each step, findings and recommendations were shared with the SMC community for feedback and revision. The result is the new visual identity system.


How Can You Help Make the New System a Success?
The new system can only be successful if everyone participates in its implementation. We have posted the new stylebook, which covers most design scenarios that may come up. Please take a few minutes to look through it. If however, questions of usage do arise, and they will, please contact the Office of College Communications. We are always available to help.


How and When Do I Order New Business Cards and Stationery?
First, please use any remaining supplies of business cards/stationery and other materials you have. When you do need new cards/stationery order as you have before through Duplicating Services. New forms have been developed for you to complete when ordering your cards and stationery.


How Do I Get a Logo?
New logos and the stylebook have been uploaded to the Office of College Communications web page on the Saint Mary’s website. In addition you will find a new Power Point Template and e-mail letter templates.


Can I Use My Own Logo?
The new visual identity system was developed to give a consistent visual voice to all Saint Mary’s communication and to prevent the proliferation and use of disparate visual identities. The new logo and branding elements should replace all other logos now in use.
Special events and activities should also use and be promoted using the new identity.


When Can the School Seal be Used?
The Seal is reserved for use in official documents, formal invitations and ceremonial documents. The new user-friendly version of the seal is available on the Office of College Communications website.


Who Do I contact if I Have a Question?
For any questions related to the implementation of the new visual identity, please contact Gerry Serrano, art director, in the Office of College Communications. He can be reached at or extension 8581.