Social Media Users Group

We're here to help you navigate the social media waters. Join us at our meetings, or email us to get the latest on what's happening with the group.

In our first meeting, we went over some social media basics.  We think these basic points are important for anybody who wants to use social media for the first time, or who wants to use social media better.  We've included things for you, or your department, to think about in italics.

What is meant by “online”

  • Social media
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, whatever the future holds...
  • Website
    • SMC site (full site and mobile experience)
  • Email
  • Media (video, audio, photography)


  • Implement the most effective and appropriate online tools to:
    • actively engage key audiences
    • raise awareness of your distinct attributes while building a community that will support and contribute to its unique place in the world.

Online efforts support, enhance and are enhanced by the existing communications strategy.

How aware do you feel you are of your department’s and the College’s communications strategy?


  • Build wider awareness; Strengthen community; Increase student applications; Increase giving

What are your goals and how do you tie into institutional goals?

What does your office/department want to achieve through online communication?

In College Communications, we try to reach these audiences:

Prospective students, Admitted students, Alumni (graduate and undergraduate), Parents, Friends, Donors, Community leaders

And we try to center our posts around these themes:

  • SMC Faculty and research
  • Unique student experiences
  • Community engagement
  • Lasallian/Catholic traditions
  • Global engagement
  • Athletics and campus life

What themes are important for your office and how do they relate to institutional themes?  Which audience(s) would you like to reach?

Tips and Tricks

  • Home page: Office of College Communications updates the homepage weekly.  Let us know if you have a story to feature!  We'll need an image.
  • Facebook: We recommend posting to Facebook 2-3 times a week
  • LinkedIn (group managed by your department): Feed of news from SMC site, news from your department/office and alumni
  • Email: Bulletin - weekly email to staff & faculty (and others who wish to receive it)

Newsletters, evites, etc that your department sends



  • Annual calendar of key events and communications (e.g. magazine)
  • Automate postings (when possible)
  • Two-week planning of posts that are timely


  • Share calendar
  • Cross-link/like/share
  • Metrics
  • Idea generation/sharing
  • Pool media (e.g., photo library)


  • Content development by a range of staff/faculty/students

Defining Success

  • Heightened awareness of opportunities and information resources for prospective and current students
  • Increased giving
  • Expanded awareness of Saint Mary’s

What does success look like to you?

Dashboard (or, measuring success)

  • Demonstrating affinity/interest - follow/like/view
  • Sharing - cheerleading
  • Enhancing/Contributing
  • Benchmarking

(We didn't get to cover a dashboard in-depth, so we will do that at our next meeting.)