Need a photo of students in seminar, a great shot of the chapel or something else? Well, here is how to access our photo library collection and download campus images for use in your college print and web projects. 

*Please note that some folders in WebDam might be empty since this image library is a work in progress, and is continually being filled.

Sign up to access the Campus Image Resource
Search by Browsing folders
Search by Keyword Terms
Download Individual images
Download a Batch of Images (set up a Lightbox) 

Sign up to access Campus Image Resource

First you'll need to request access to the Campus Image Resource. Send an email to Office of College Communications at jrg12@stmarys-ca.edu. Once you've been added to the Campus Image Resource community, you will receive an email providing you with a user name and password. It is recommended that you change your password.

Search by Browsing Folders

By now you are probably getting pretty familiar with how to use the Campus Image Resource. A helpful way to find the images you need is to search for them by browsing folders. 

folder browsing 

 Look at the left-hand side of the window in the Campus Image Resource. Here you will see a cascade of folders. Clicking any one of the clear triangles will open that folder up. A dark triangle is a folder that is open. As you can see folders can contain a subset of other folders as well. This is one easy and quick way to navigate through and to search by folders. 

search by keyword 

As you can see clicking a folder will display its contents in the main window. You can also navigate the folders from the main window instead of using the folder sidebar. Just remember to double-click folders to open them when navigating using the main window. 

Search by Keyword Terms

Another more specific way to search for images within the Campus Image Resource would be to search using keywords. All images uploaded are tagged with descriptive keywords that help categorize and sort them based on the content of that particular image. In the batch download section of this tutorial you found images by searching a particular keyword and that is how you can generate a specific image search, by using keyword terms. 

Need an indoor image of something on campus for a project you are working on? Just search "indoors" and you will find a multitude of images relating to that search. If you search a keyword, but nothing shows up, you might have to get creative with your search terms, or perhaps use another search method such as searching by browsing folders

How to Download Images

You can download indvidual images, or a batch of images by using the Lightbox feature.

Individual Downloads

As an example, click the College Communications tab.

college communications screenshot
 Then double click the Academics folder, followed by double-clicking the Seminar folder.

individual downloads



From there you can double click on any photo which takes you to a preview window. Click on the Download button.

dl screen 

Choose the appropriate file size you want to download-for a website select 800x600 file size, for print select the larger size. Note: Be sure to scroll down when looking in a folder as loose images appear above folders making it appear there are no folders. 

download options 

 Batch Downloads

First set up a Lightbox by clicking the grid like icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 
lightbox screenshot

Next, click the plus "+" symbol at the top of the Lightbox popup. 
lightbox plus sign

In the new window, name the Lightbox "Mission and Ministry", you can add more details. Then before clicking Save, be sure to checkmark the "Switch to new lightbox" to select this as the new Default Lightbox. Then click Save. 

Now you will have to add images to this new Lightbox. To do this, go to the search bar in the upper left side of the window and search “Spirituality” for example. Move the mouse over an image, but do not click the image. Notice that when you hover the mouse over an image, a grid and a pencil icon appear. Click the grid icon, a checkmark should appear in place of the grid. This adds that image to the selected Lightbox. If you want to add more images to the Lightbox, simply click the grid icon on any other image you need. To remove an image from your Lightbox, simply click the checkmark, and that image will no longer be part of the lightbox.
grid icon 

 Next, click the white triangle in the bottom left-hand of the page to open the Lightbox window again.
white triangle open 

From the Lightbox popup, hover the mouse over the Mission and Ministry Lightbox, then click the cloud-shaped download icon. 
edited blur menu 

 You will now be prompted with another "Download Options" window. From this window you can choose the download size of your images, then download them by clicking the download button. 



If you have a wish list of certain kinds of images, let us know. Send us your feedback.