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The Brand

Editorial Style Guide

How do you format the President's name? Do we use PhD? Get your questions answered with the Editorial Style Guide.


Need a photo of students in seminar, a great shot of the chapel or something else? Access WebDam—our photo library collection and download campus images for use in your college print and web projects. 

Visual Identity

Brand Book/Style Guide

Saint Mary’s comprehensive guide to institutional visual identity. 

Download the Brand Book

Digital Signage

Learn the process and requirements for submitting your digital signage.

PowerPoint Template

Stay on brand with our official PowerPoint template.

Download PowerPoint Template


Crisp, clean and uncluttered, our school correspondence demonstrates the graphic strength of the Saint Mary's distinctive visual identity.


Saint Mary’s cornerstone logo is a powerful visual expression of the College's brand.


Web Privacy

We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and accordingly maintain the following Web Privacy Policy to protect the personal information you provide online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own logo? How do I order new business cards? Get answers to your common questions.