SEM 146: Music & the Common Good (Fall)

Fall 2022 Collegiate Seminar Elective

SEM 146-01 | Music & the Common Good

Dr. Lewis Jordan

TTH 1:15 PM - 2: 50 PM

This course will be taught in-person


This course may substitute for SEM 103. To request this substitution, please email the Registrar's Office (cc'ing to request the substitution.


Course Description

The liberal arts were originally understood in part as the arts proper to a life of political freedom.

To prepare students to be citizens of a free state, one area of a liberal education was the study of music. This course intends to open our ears to a deeper level of understanding of the ways in which music has evolved. Its focus will be on listening, on being able to communicate what we hear and what the music evokes in us, and on developing a sense of the context that music has often played in community healing and survival—with an emphasis (though not exclusively) on the North American context of the music of the African diaspora. In what ways does music contribute to the common good? How does music help us understand the common good itself?