The Great Conversation 1942-2017: A Symposium on Collegiate Seminar at 75

Seminar Table 1970
On September 23rd, the Saint Mary’s community gathered to honor and celebrate the Collegiate Seminar Program’s 75th anniversary. The symposium included round table discussions on works by Immanuel Kant and Hannah Arendt, a welcome address by President James Donahue, plenary speeches by Professors Ted Tsukahara, Raina León, and Felicia Martinez, panel talks by Saint Mary’s faculty and alumni, and closing remarks by the Director of Seminar, Ellen Rigsby.


For those interested in the history and philosophies of Collegiate Seminar, we have made available here a few indispensable texts: Sailing Past Scylla, by Ed Porcella, Brother Kenneth Cardwell, and Deanne Kruse, and three short essays from the collection, What Is It to Educate Liberally?, edited by Steve Cortright.

(PDFs are available to download by clicking on the titles below)

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