SMC NOLA 2006 Stats and Videos

Please enjoy an overview of our community impact stats and a few of the final videos from our January 2006 odyssey called "Bridges to the Bayou."

Community Impact from SMC NOLA 2006:

4000 hours of manual labor in direct hurricane relief

Cleared 23 houses

8 community gardens

3 city parks/monuments a church

1 school

1 thrift shop

1 community theater

1 art gallery


Selected Videos

Though our school-sponsored blog is not currently available, some of the video projects from the 2006 trip can be viewed here: 

Blessed to Be a Witness: a longer feature by Marcia Ong about our experiences in post-Katrina New Orleans in January 2006

Cribs: Our Louisiana home was a bit different from our lives in California

Faith: We were reminded of the concept of faith every day

Colors: one tean used the colors in our environment to tell the story of our time in New Orleans

Gulf Coast Devastation: a catalog of some of the scenes we saw

Stolen By the Storm: many things were lost to the elements; many things left behind

Katrina: we felt some of Katrina's impact and saw the emotional impact on everyone we met



The Ellen Show: after we returned, we were invited to appear on the Ellen Show!