Technology Summit 2013


When: Thursday, November 14th, 2013 6-7:30PM

Where: The offices of Yammer located in the Twitter building (1355 Market St., San Francisco, between 9th & 10th streets)


The goal of the Technology Summit was to bring together Silicon Valley technology leaders with students and academic leaders from Saint Mary's College of California interested in the role of technology in contemporary liberal arts undergraduate curricula.

The resulting outcomes from the summit were twofold: (1) to provide feedback and context for the development of a minor in Digital Studies within the Saint Mary's College school of liberal arts, and (2) assist in the publishing of a white paper in June of 2014 under the auspices of a W.M. Keck Foundation grant. The working title of the paper is Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: A Report on the Role of the Liberal Arts in the Digital Age.


The Technology Summit followed the dialogic seminar process that has been the hallmark of Saint Mary's College for 150 years. Participants gathered at round tables to discuss questions, with the discussion results shared out to the large group and compiled for later editing into the Keck White Paper. Three overarching questions were discussed during the summit:

QUESTIONS #1: In what ways and to what extent can a liberal arts education prepare young men and women for the contemporary digital workforce?

PROMPT: In an Apple Computer press conference in 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple first iPad. While Jobs paced the stage, projected behind him on a gigantic screen was a photo image of two San Francisco street signs located at the intersection of "Technology" and "Liberal Arts" -- a metaphor for how he saw Apple Computer, and also a representative image of how he imagined the world in the 21st century. This image and vision of the world was most poignantly stated by Jobs when he declared that: "Technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with the Liberal Arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hear sing."  Acknowledging the hallmarks of a liberal education -- critical thinking and shared inquiry -- what was Jobs envisioning with this metaphor?  What are the links between technology and a liberal arts education? And how do these skills prepare young men and women for the contemporary workforce of the digital age?

QUESTIONS #2: To what extent should training in computer science be a component of a liberal arts curriculum to best prepare students for the contemporary technical workforce? What should that training look like?          

PROMPT: In an article titled Computer Science and the Liberal Arts: A Philosophical Examination (Grinell & Keleman, 2010), the authors state that a "liberal arts curriculum promotes a broad study of multiple disciplines, develops reasoning and analysis, and invites multiple view of problem solving" (p. 3). The article continues to state that "as computer science has evolved as a discipline, researchers and developers have integrated insights and advances from many related fields" (p. 3). The United States Department of Labor elaborated on this: "Even workers in 'nontech' jobs are discovering that the technology has not passed them by. In fact, it is rare to find a job that does not require some knowledge of computers or computer-based systems." With the understanding that most of the jobs in the Silicon Valley workforce are not directly related to computer science, what types and amounts of technical training, especially coursework in computer science, should liberal arts majors have in order to be prepared for entry-level positions in the technical industries (jobs such as public relations, advertising, marketing, human resources, product support, logistics, creative design, etc.).                                                               

QUESTIONS #3: What types of strategic partnerships between academia and industry should be developed to operationalize such curricula and best prepare college graduates for entry into the contemporary workforce, especially those who have historically been under-represented in the tech sector such as women and first-generation college graduates?

PROMPT:  According to a 2013 U.S. Census report, growth in women's share of science, technology, engineering and mathematics occupations -- commonly referred to as STEM jobs -- has slowed since the 1990s, with women's share of technology jobs down to 27% from 34% in 1990, even though women make up nearly half of the overall U.S. workforce. A similar Bureau of Labor Statistics report found that although 15% of the general labor force is Latino and 11% is African-American, only 6% of Latinos and 7% of black workers are involved in high-tech occupations. Tech-sector leaders such as Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg have been at the forefront of championing the initiative to better integrate women into the contemporary workforce, and other initiatives are focused on getting people of diverse ethic backgrounds and first-generation college students into high-tech professions. To that end, what types of strategic partnerships between academia and industry can be forged to get under-represented populations into a "pipeline of talent" leading to technology sector jobs? Included in the conversation is the ideal profile of a college graduate who is entering the high-tech work force?


     Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison: Partner Director of PM, Microsoft

As the Director of PM for Office 365 Kevin owns the engineering efforts for Office 365 Engineering. The Office 365 Engineering team is focused on the Office 365 Suite Experience, common cloud services, security, & compliance infrastructure, tenant focused management, customer engagement services, and engineering efforts around support and partners. Kevin is also accountable for the execution of Office 365 Compliance efforts. Kevin began his career with Microsoft in March of 1994 as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in the Premier Support group. There he focused on providing support services to Enterprise customers adopting Microsoft products and technologies. Over the next 10 years his experience as a TAM advanced him to the role of General Manager of Premier Services in the United States. Since leaving field services in 2004, Kevin has had various engineering leadership roles within Exchange and Office 365.  Most recently, Kevin was a General Manager primarily responsible for the Exchange and Office 365 Customer Experience Teams, including engineering efforts for Exchange (on-premises and cloud) and Office 365 customer adoption.

Previous to Microsoft, Kevin ran his own consulting and services business focused on small businesses in the Greater Puget Sound area. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Whitman College. In his spare time, Kevin watches and travels to numerous soccer events, spends quality time with his 3 children, tinkers with technology, and enjoys reading a good book as often as possible.

Shawny Anderson

Shawny Anderson:  Shawny Anderson is a professor of Communication Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California, where she also serves as Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. Prof. Anderson holds a Ph.D. in Rhetorical Theory and Cultural Studies from Purdue University. She is an active participant in January Term travel courses, all of which involve deep immersion in communities of extreme need.  In her time at Saint Mary's, Anderson has won the CILSA Engaged Faculty Award and the De La Salle award for faculty scholarship and service. Before Saint Mary's, she taught at Ball State, Purdue and Loyola University Chicago.

Coco Brown

Coco Brown: Coco Brown is an executive with over 20 years experience in Silicon Valley technology companies and broad experience across all aspects of business. As an Executive Management Consultant her engagements ranges from forming and running Advisory Boards for CEOs, acting as a trusted advisor to executives, and strategy, planning and execution across operations. In addition to consulting, CoCo is the COO of MentorNet, a 501c3 changing the trajectory of success for women and minorities pursuing STEM careers. Coco is a Shareholder and Director of Taos, a 400+ person IT Services business, where she was the President and COO from 2007 through the middle of 2012. Finally, she is General Manager, and Operating Committee Chair for the West Coast operations of Golden Seeds, the 4th largest angel 4th largest angel investment firm in the country.

Coco co-hosts a Women Leadership Dinner exclusively attended by women CxOs and VPs in top tier companies, giving us a forum in which to wrestle with common challenges of work and life.

Coco was recognized in 2010 by the Business Journal as one of the Silicon Valley’s top 100 Women of Influence in part because of my engagement with the Bay Area community as a whole.

lily coyle

Lily Coyle: Lily Coyle is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California and is majoring both in Philosophy and Communication. She moved to California from the small town of Wasilla, Alaska in order to pursue a rigorous liberal arts education and further her involvement in a modern and more technological culture than the one she grew up in. Lily manages the photography and social media networks for the Saint Mary's College wine club, In Vino Veritas, and has been actively involved in the college's radio station, KSMC, since it's revival in 2011. She has studied photography and video production in Africa and Rome as well as at her home university in California and is currently taking a course in the anthropology of digital culture where she focuses her studies on Cyborg Anthropology.
Rachel Dittman

Rachel Dittman: Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, Rachel Dittman was homeschooled until she went to a small high school in San Carlos where she continued to do independent study. She graduated early with honors and began her higher education at the College of San Mateo. Rachel spent four years at this junior college and graduated Cum Laude with two Associate degrees in Liberal Studies and Speech Communications. She also was certified as a public speaker from CSM and from 2009 – 2011 was on the Dean’s list. Her journey to find the right college and transfer took a period of five years, but she found her right place at Saint Mary’s College of California. The field of study she is majoring in is Communication. Rachel continues to work hard and earn herself a cumulative GPA of a 3.5. Graduation is just around the corner. Rachel will graduate Fall 2014. The goal is for her to graduate with a BA in Communication and continue on to receive her MBA in Business Management.


Bethami Dobkin: As the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of Saint Mary's College of California, Dr. Bethami Dobkin oversees the operational management of the College, with specific responsibility for academic affairs, enrollment, student affairs, and technology.  She provides strategic and operational leadership, vision and direction for the design and implementation of the College's academic programs, student services, and enrollment services; initiates plans and actions for the establishment and maintenance of a physical environment conducive to teaching, learning and living; and provides academic and administrative leadership to the College's students, faculty, and staff.  Dr. Dobkin has a distinguished history in higher education as a faculty member and an academic leader. Previously, she served as Associate Provost of the University of San Diego and was a faculty member in the Department of Communication Studies for 17 years. Dr. Dobkin has achieved national recognition for her research and teaching in the area of media and conflict. Her honors have included a fellowship in executive leadership with the American Council on Education. Dr. Dobkin earned her doctorate in Rhetoric and Social Order and a master’s degree in Rhetoric from the University of Massachusetts, and received a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Humboldt State University.

Rena L. Fischer

Rena L. Fischer: Rena L. Fischer has held positions in Finance and Operations for the following companies: KPMG LLP in San Francisco, CA, PayPal Inc. in Palo Alto, California, eBay eBay Inc. in San Jose, CA, eBay International A.G. in Berne, Switzerland, and most recently as Director of Operations for Clarium Capital Management, a global macro hedge fund with offices in San Francisco and New York.  Ms. Fischer holds a degree in Economics from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga and is a graduate of St. Francis all female College Preparatory High School in Sacramento. In addition to her corporate experience, Ms. Fischer serves on the Board of Regents for Saint Mary’s College, and is a board member of PINC, (Philanthropy Inspired by the needs of Community) a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those individuals most in need of a helping hand. Ms. Fischer also serves on the Leadership board for St. Francis College Preparatory High School and is a member of the Dante Club, a social philanthropic club dedicated to educating and preserving Italian heritage and traditions.

Kelsey Freeman Kelsey Freeman: Kelsey Freeman is a senior Communication major at Saint Mary's College of California. As a transplant from Denver, Colorado, Kelsey has immersed herself in many areas at Saint Mary's. She is currently the Vice President of the Communication Club, as well as In Vino Veritas, the Saint Mary's Wine Club. She is also a radio DJ for KSMC, the college's radio station. She has taken many of the courses available as part of the new Digital Studies minor including Introduction to Digital Culture, Anthropology of Digital Culture, and Introduction to Network and Programming. Kelsey was recently awarded the Facebook Women in Technology scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year.
rick geritz
Rick Geritz: Rick Geritz is the President and Founder of LifeJourney, a technology that inspires our nations youth to "Test Drive” what their future would be like to follow careers in the Cyber and STEM fields at CyberPoint Rick has spent 20 years building early stage technology companies in Cyber, Social Media. Prior to LifeJourney, Rick was President of SafeNet and ICARUS Corporation.
Rick’s past experience includes founding BDMetrics, an online business matchmaking technology where he was President and CEO. Prior to BDMetrics, Rick held senior level executive roles for SafeNet where he was President and GM responsible for their VPN software, hardware and silicon businesses. Before SafeNet, Rick was the Executive Vice President and a board member at Rockville based ICARUS Corporation – an engineering simulation software company where he led the company's worldwide product, operations, and until its sale to Aspen Technology (NASDAQ; AZPN).
Rick has been a featured guest speaker on network security on TV and radio shows such as “Today” holds a patent for online business networking, was named one of Baltimore’s “Top 40 under 40” executives, and “Innovator of the Year.”Rick currently sits on the board of The Howard County Hospital, The Governor’s Cyber Security Commission, The Cyber Incubator at UMBC and lead the CyberMaryland initiative.
Emily Goligoski

Emily Goligoski: Emily Goligoski is product and design research lead at Mozilla Foundation, where she manages the organization's Open Badges user research. An advocate of using design thinking in learning, she completed her MEd in Learning, Design & Technology at Stanford and conducted research at the university's Calming Technologies Lab. She reported for Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) while studying journalism at Northwestern and now contributes education and health content to TechCrunch.

Matt Golis

Matt Golis:  Mr. Golis leads the many new growth opportunity segments and oversees the day-to-day operations of YapStone. Mr. Golis founded RentPayment, Inc. (the original multifamily target market for YapStone) in 1999, and merged with YapStone in early 2001. Prior to founding RentPayment, Inc., Mr. Golis started an Internet consultancy called Internet Commerce Associates (ICA) with clients including Fortune 500 companies that implemented business e-commerce applications that were developed at Netscape Communications (AOL). Mr. Golis is a frequent speaker at conferences regarding credit card and electronic payments and is often quoted in trade publications on ways that electronic payments can improve property management operations.

Matt is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Nora Grasham

Nora Grasham: Nora Grasham is the head of strategy, business operations, and the PMO for the Office of the CIO at eBay, Inc. She is passionate about people development, organizational  effectiveness, and connecting employees to strategy. In her 12+ years with eBay/PayPal she has worked in a wide variety of roles, including the director of PayPal global operations product development and chief of staff to PayPal's CTO (where she co authored eBay Inc's winning application for the 2007 National Medal of Technology & Innovation). Previously, she led quality release management and built the content team into a global organization. She holds a BA honors in history and classical civilizations from Gonzaga University, and is president and an active member of the Northern California Women's Hockey League.

Peter Greco

Peter Greco: Higher Education Information Technology strategy, development, service and support has occupied Peter Greco's professional time for the past 20 years at two different institutions with very different educational missions -- the first steeped in traditional, liberal arts education and the second steeped in academic delivery in professional programs. Now Chief Technology Officer at Saint Mary's College of California, Peter is happy to have made a move to a very fine institution that provides an exciting and challenging future in higher education with a focus on the excellence in a liberal arts core and the ways that information technology can be used as a lever.

Charles Hamaker

Charles Hamaker: Charles Hamaker has taught mathematics and computer science at Saint Mary's College for 28 years. He previously taught at the University of Kansas and MIT, after earning a PhD at the University of Oregon. His research interests are in applicable analysis, particularly mathematical tomography. He also teaches in Saint Mary's Seminar Program, wherein all students read and discuss classical texts.

Dana Herrera

Dana R. Herrera: Dana R. Herrera is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and an Irvine Fellow at Saint Mary’s College. Herrera graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Saint Mary's College of California, and went on to earn an MA and Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of California at Davis. At St. Mary's College she has served as Chair of the Faculty Technology Group which assesses new curricular and pedagogical applications of technology. Professor Herrera's research includes the impact of computer/video gaming and virtual societies on socialization, education and cultural development. She can be reached via e-mail

Andrew Heywood

Andrew Heywood: Andrew Heywood is a staffing professional who started his career in recruitment working in Japan for a top agency in the heart of Tokyo. He has been fortunate to work for some amazing companies and brilliant people including Google, Adobe, Apple, Kabam, AdRoll, Twitter and now Rocket Fuel. He is well versed in scaling startups and high growth companies and truly enjoys the process of developing companies from the inside.

Andrew is a 1999 graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California and currently lives in Fremont with his wife, daughter and two dogs.

James Ivaldi

James Ivaldi: Jim graduated in 1993 with a B.A. in Psychology from St. Mary's college where he played baseball for the Gaels. After his pitching career slowed (like his fastball), and helped along by a skateboard slalom accident in the rolling hills of Moraga, Jim quickly realized he needed to earn a living outside of baseball.

After serving in a U.S. Marine Corps reserve status while at St. Mary's, Jim served his country once again after graduating from St. Mary's, this time as a United States Marine Officer. After returning from his service, Jim made his way to the Silicon Valley where he worked at Hewlett Packard and later a startup company called GetThere. When GetThere was purchased at the height of the dot com era, Jim had the opportunity to start his own company and has been in business for 15 years.

Jim has a total of 17 years of technology and marketing experience and his company, Jivaldi, LLC, provides performance-focused Digital Marketing, relying heavily on observable data and analytics. From startups to global brands, Jivaldi's client portfolio has included business with such notable clients as FC Barcelona, the Oakland Raiders, Ubisoft and a fast-growing lifestyle Brand called Forged Clothing - founded by two former Navy SEALs.

When Jim is not guiding his team you'll find him with his wife Pam (a Cal Graduate) and three kids--Evan, Elena and Desmond. He spends his analogue time watching his kids compete in sports and keeping himself in shape via Crossfit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Outside of this, he's a happy man when with family and in the great outdoors!

Paul Jaxon Paul Jaxon: Paul Jaxon is a junior at Saint Mary’s College of California. He is a Psychology major with an interest in digital production and design. Paul was born in San Jose, California, where he has lived his entire life. He has tutored in various subjects, from math to French. He currently works in the Keck Technology Lab at Saint Mary’s, and is one of twelve students enrolled in an experimental Introduction to Programming and Networking Class, in which they are covering the basics for web design and basic programming. He has special interest in video game design and development.
Robert Kaleta

Robert Kaleta: Robert Kaleta, is a Senior Executive in the technology consulting and services industry with broad experience in all aspects of business development, service delivery, operations, marketing, and business transformation. He is currently a Managing Partner, SVP of Technology Services for Divergent Resources where he responsibility to foster strategic business relationships, develop current service offerings, and assist the company in executing a focused business strategy and meeting overall customer service and business growth objectives.

As a staffing industry and technology services expert, Robert has a history of building award-winning sales and recruiting teams in highly competitive markets.

Robert was an Advisory Board Member, Fisher CIO Leadership Program at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business,  and is a Saint Mary’s College MBA 2003 graduate.

Catherine Li

Catherine Li: Catherine Li Vice President, Internet Banking Technology Manager.  Catherine Li’s Nineteen-years of experience in application development and technology infrastructure has allowed her to gain a deep understanding what takes to build applications and to maintain while balancing time-to-market, cost, operations efficiency, and investment in future. She has a formidable track record in IT Management and experience across full gamut of IT disciplines, strategic planning, partner relationships, budget management, infrastructure upgrades, application development, operations, large project portfolio, and people management. Catherine is an entrepreneurial self-starter, passionate about people development and is fluent in Chinese.  She was the 2010 recipient of 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business Award and recognized as one of the 40 Most Influential Female Graduates of Saint Mary's College.  Catherine is an Asian Americans in Business Award committee member as well as being a member of the Board of Regents at St. Mary's College.  Catherine is a Saint Mary’s College MBA.

araceli Araceli Lopez: Araceli Lopez is a senior Communication major, English minor at Saint Mary's College of California. Araceli originates from San Jose, California. She has been a Resident Advisor for the past two years, as well a Communication tutor. Araceli has had experience being a mentor to fellow first-generation college students from low-income families in the High Potential Program. She held the position of Digital Ambassador, duties consisted of co-creating a survey directed towards graduating students and their expectations of the technology work field. Araceli currently works for the Communication Department Chair, and is the department's computer lab manager. Prior to joining the Communication staff as a student worker, Araceli was involved with the Performing Arts Department on campus. She was a core member of the Interactive Theatre Troupe, a group of student educators who write and perform mini-plays surrounding social justice issues on campus. She has also had experience working in the Alumni Department and performed outreach. Araceli is one of twelve students enrolled in an experimental Introduction to Programming and Networking class, where they learn the basics of programming languages. She has a special interest in the digital media and technological work field.
Dave Nielson

Dave Nielson: Dave is the co-founder of CloudCamp, a global cloud computing organization with over 300 community-organized events since 2008. He is also consulting with HP to build a developer ecosystem around their Public Cloud offering. Prior to CloudCamp, Dave became one of the world’s first Web API evangelists when he joined PayPal in 2003 and helped grow their developer ecosystem to over 350,000 developers.

Dave is always working to help bring "what's next" to the community. He is currently working with industry leaders to expand the benefits of Cloud Computing beyond business to education, health care & citizen engagement. Dave is particularly focused on emerging event formats such as unconferences, hackathons and online collaboration tools.

Dave received modest notoriety when he proposed to his fiancé, Erika, in his book "PayPal Hacks". Fortunately she said "Yes"! Now they live in Mountain View, CA with their 2 year old daughter and 2 cats.

renee Renee Prescilla: Renee Prescilla is a sophomore enrolled in Anthropology and Computer Science courses at Saint Mary's College of California. She hails from Fremont, CA and graduated from Notre Dame High School in San Jose in 2012. She has been involved with F.I.R.S.T. Robotics, a national and worldwide robotics competition for K-12 students to become more involved with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.). Renee was the co-head Notre Dame's Team 1967 Jankster's marketing committee where she was in charge of the team's design, marketing, and helped the team with community and school outreach. At Saint Mary's, she currently works as a computer lab and tech assistant under the Communication Department and volunteers for the Women's Resource Center designing posters. Renee is also one of the first students registered for the new Digital Media minor at Saint Mary's. Her interests include illustration and comic art, learning graphic/web design, playing video games, and swooning over animation.
Dylan Ratigan  Dylan Ratigan: Dylan Ratigan is a New York Times Best-Selling author, sustainability entrepreneur and the former host of MSNBC’s highest-rated, non-prime time show, The Dylan Ratigan Show, on MSNBC.  In 2013 he co-founded of the Veteran Job Corps with Major General Melvin Spiese, retired Deputy Commander of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. Veteran Job Corps or ”VJC” is in development as training portal and investment group founded by Ratigan and Spiese to create good American jobs for returning veterans and resolve core community challenges such as food, energy, health, learning and infrastructure.  Prior to his 3 years at MSNBC, Dylan spend 6 years at CNBC, where he created “Fast Money,” co-hosted “The Closing Bell”, and was outspoken about the financial crisis leading up to his resignation in 2009.  Before joining NBC in 2003, Dylan spent nine years at Bloomberg LP, serving as Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance. Ratigan established the global group for the first time in Bloomberg’s history, in the process consolidating and supervising more than 120 reporters in more than 30 countries over 10 time zones.  Greedy Bastards was released in January, 2012, spending five consecutive weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. The book connects misaligned personal interests with misaligned systems, arguing that a critique of broken systems must also deliver a healing of our own relationships to create a foundation for natural, sustainable reforms.  Dylan can be found on the web at and on twitter @dylanratigan.
Steven Ruggiero Steven Ruggiero: Steven Ruggiero works at Facebook leading the IT Infrastructure group. The group's mission is to provide innovative infrastructure services which help keep Facebook employees incredibly productive. This requires a relentless drive for efficiency and aggressive innovation across all IT infrastructure services. Prior to joining Facebook in 2011 Steven worked for KLA-Tencor leading Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Services where he was involved with the development of large scale virtualization, VOIP implementations, cloud computing initiatives, and management of the daily operations including the global network, server, and storage infrastructure. Steven has 20+ years of industry experience and has worked for a number of start-up, mid-sized, and large companies including Sun Microsystems, Intel, Openwave Systems, and Synopsys. He holds a BA in Physics and Computer Science from the State University of New York and has studied Computer Science at the graduate level at Arizona State University. He has a passion for innovative approaches to infrastructure, customer service and IT technology. Personal passions include being a father to two adolescents, the study of history, poetry, backpacking and situations requiring radical self reliance.
Mike Russo Michael A. Russo: Father Michael A. Russo is a professor of Communication Studies at Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, nearby San Francisco in the East Bay. He teaches courses in the history of the media, journalism, and political communication. He was Chair of the Communication Department from 1984 to 1996. Since his college days at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, he has maintained a long-standing association as a producer/consultant to CBS News. Over the years, he has covered national political conventions, presidential elections, and the funerals and the elections of popes. His special expertise is the news of religion. His doctoral degree from New York University is in American social and political history. His dissertation on the history of CBS News and its political and special events coverage won the 1983 NYU Bayrd Still Prize in Historical Writing.
Aaron Sachs Aaron Sachs: Aaron Sachs is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Saint Mary’s College of California. He holds a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Iowa, and his work focuses on the intersection of media, technology, and culture with a particular concern for issues of race, gender, sexuality, and class. He wrote his dissertation on film representations of hip-hop in the 1980s and teaches a variety of classes at St. Mary's on media technologies, digital culture, food justice, and argument and advocacy. Outside of his work at St. Mary's, Prof. Sachs is Chair Emeritus of the Board of Directors for COLAGE, the only national youth driven movement for people with LGBTQ parents.
camille Camille Santos: Camille Santos is a sophomore transfer student studying Mathematics & Computer Science at Saint Mary's College of California.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, she has always had an interest in technology and has managed to incorporate it into her volunteer work by serving as a mentor in computer skills at the Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA in San Francisco.  Her older brother works as a Video Systems Administrator for ABC Studios, and Camille hopes to follow in his footsteps and further build on her knowledge of programming, technology, web design, and digital media
Brett Schroeder Brett Schroeder: Brett Schroeder is a junior transfer student in his first semester at St. Mary’s College.  He is a Communication major and currently works in the Keck Media Lab. He is from Novato, California and has a passion in working with and building on his experiences of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and as well as Final Cut Pro. His personal hobbies consists of personal photography as well as videography, particularly live action.
jason shellen

Jason Shellen: As a business development director and product strategist at Pyra Labs, Jason was part of a revolution in mass communication with Blogger. Shellen & Evan Williams sold the company to the search giant Google in 2003. During his tenure at Google, Shellen started the Google Reader project & became the founding product manager, worked on a plug-in hybrid project for and helped acquire companies like Feedburner, Picasa & Measure Map. After leaving Google, Shellen founded Thing Labs in 2008 and created social tools Plinky, Brizzly, the Brizzly Guide, & Let's Be Trends. In September 2010, Thing Labs merged with AOL. Shellen became VP of Product heading up the AIM & Messaging Group at AOL and guided the combined teams in a relaunch and rebrand of AIM.bIn 2013, Shellen co-founded Boxer, a new mobile application that changes the way people interact with email. Shellen advises and mentors several companies and organizations, holds patents on feed and social media technologies and for the last two years has been named to Business Insider's "Silicon Valley 100" list, a compendium of people in the Valley who have "done the coolest things". Recently, Jason accepted a seat on the Board of Regents at his alma mater, St. Mary's College of California where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art in 1996. Shellen resides in Lafayette, California with his wife Allison and their two sons.

Christopher Sindt

Christopher Sindt: Christopher Sindt, director of the College’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program for seven years, became the new associate dean of liberal arts for graduate and professional programs in the fall. “Chris is well-known to the College community for his rare combination of excellence in teaching, extensive accomplishments as a poet and highly skilled administrative performance,” Dean of Liberal Arts Steve Woolpert says. The search committee was particularly impressed with Sindt’s ability to forge positive relationships with faculty and administrators and his intellectual and administrative leadership of the creative writing program. Sindt has a doctorate in English and master’s degree in creative writing from UC Davis. His poetry chapbook, The Land of Give and Take, was published in 2002, and his poetry has recently appeared in nocturnesPoolSwerve and Xantippe.

Paul Stich

Paul Stich: Paul's career has been focused on building innovative, high-growth companies within the technology sector in general, and cyber security in particular. He was the CEO of two successful Internet security companies; Counterpane, which was acquired by British Telecom in 2006, and Dasient, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. Prior to founding his first company in 1999, Paul was a Vice President at IBM, responsible for consulting and services in their Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and Utilities industries for the Americas. He was also with KPMG for 12 years as a Partner in charge of their National Telecommunications practice. He speaks at many industry and technology conferences including CTIA, Fortune, Gartner, InfoSec, RSA, and Supercomm.Paul earned a bachelor's degree in Economics from Saint Mary's College of California and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame Graduate School of Business.  He is a member of the Saint Mary’s College Board of Regents.

robby tabor

Robert Tabor: Robert Tabor is a Physics major with an English minor in the class of 2014 at Saint Mary's College of California. Originally a graduate from Vacaville High School in Vacaville, CA, Robert has since become involved in many aspects of the college. As a Digital Ambassador for the Communication Department, he represents the new Digital Studies minor, surveying graduating students about their expectation of working in the technological work field. Within the School of Science, he has aided fellow students as a Physics Lab Teacher's Assistant, Math Tutor, and live-in Physics mentor for Assumption Hall for its freshmen residents. During Summer of 2013, he worked with the  college's Summer Research Program on an original study, researching spectral variability of craters on the planet Mars. A long-time event planner, Robert was the Friday Night Live Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board and is now an Event Commissioner for the Honors Program. He strives to build a sense of community at the college, founding the Dystopian Society Club as its President in hopes to use grand, large-scale games and events to unite a diverse group of players. His interests include the evolution of artificial intelligence, creating campus-wide games, and the advancements in the technological industry.

jennifer turner

Jennifer Turner: Jennifer Turner is the Head of Learning Strategy and Curriculum Management for the Global Business Organization at Google. She has been a learning and business consultant for over 15 years and has expertise in learning and development business partnering, eLearning and ILT design, streamlining operations, cost cutting, client management, continuous improvement, and process engineering.

She is currently focused on defining the strategy for meeting business challenges in the Global Business Organization around onboarding, product training, skill development, certification and on-the job learning. Jennifer oversees a team of global curriculum and program managers to design, develop, and deliver learning content for global use.

Ed Tywoniak: Ed Tywoniak is associate professor of communication and chair of the department of Communication Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California where he has served on the faculty in the School of Liberal Arts for 35 years.  Prof. Tywoniak also holds the position of Faculty Fellow for Curriculum and Technology, and is director of the W. M. Keck Digital Studies Lab. Dr. Tywoniak completed undergraduate studies at Saint Mary’s in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and holds an MFA in Electronic Music Composition as well as a doctorate in educational leadership. He is past chair of the Division for Communication and the Future of the National Communication Association, a trustee of the Institute of General Semantics, a member of the board of directors of the Media Ecology Association, and a member of the board of trustees of the School of Applied Theology of the Berkeley Graduate Theology Union. Prof. Tywoniak has published a variety of scholarly articles, is the editor of the journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics, and is the co-author of the undergraduate communication textbook Communication and Social Understanding (Kendall Hunt, 2009). His current research involves the study of Australia’s indigenous cosmology narratives through the lens of media ecology.
Richard Tywoniak Richard Tywoniak: Richard Tywoniak has held various senior leadership positions at Cisco System since 2001.  Most recently in 2013 Richard was responsible for leading a team that built the Cisco DevNet program which is Cisco’s new Developer Community. Richard came to Cisco through its acquisition of Vovida Networks, where he was Vice President of Business Development.  Prior to that, he held senior sales and marketing positions at Xerox Corporation. Richard received his MBA from the University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business in 1999.
Christina Vandewater

Christina Vandewater: Christina Vandewater, participating as an individual, is currently Senior Manager of Global Enterprise Technology at eBay, Inc.  She has over 20 years of Information Technology experience including starting and running a profitable consulting business, Director of SAP at mid-size wholesale distributor and running large transformative projects ($250M - $10B) for large and small companies during 15 years of consulting with companies like Ernst & Young LLP, IBM Business Consulting Services, and SAP America. Christina has spent much of her career in an attempt to pay-forward to the next generation including activities such as co-leading the YearUp program at eBay.

Christina was raised in a small town in the Midwest and graduated with Honors from Indiana University with a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics.  

zane vella

Zane Vella: Zane Vella is the CEO and founder of Watchwith, the San Francisco software company unlocking new value for the entertainment industry by transforming how people experience video. Watchwith’s sync-to-broadcast content management and syndication platform enables high-profile mobile, web and tablet applications from leading networks including Bravo, NBC, and Syfy. Watchwith’s “write once” syndication platform enables industry leaders such as Fox Broadcasting and USA Network to cost effectively extend the reach of their enhanced consumer experience to distribution partners including Shazam, Twitter, zeebox, ConnecTV, NextGuide and Viggle. Vella has led the development of interactive products and platforms for companies including Apple, Disney, NBCU, and Netflix and has 20 years experience at the intersection of TV, internet, and UX design. He is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

jason webster

Jason Webster: Jason Webster is a social recruiting enthusiast and Co-Founder of Ongig, a talent attraction platform that creates "people-based" job descriptions at scale. Jason has spoken at multiple social recruiting events, where his passion for candidate experience is the primary topic. He's a father of three based in San Francisco, and is an active mentor with Year Up. Connect with Jason on Twitter at @worldwidejweb.

Roy Wensley

Roy Wensley: Roy Wensley is the Dean of the School of Science at Saint Mary's College.  He has held that position since January 2010.  He has been a member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the College since 1989.  He is a theoretical physicist, with a Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL and a B.S. in Physics from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

tim wenzel Tim Wenzel: Tim Wenzel is a partner with KA Search Partners, a boutique executive search firm specializing in building talent teams for early stage start-up companies and companies with that reach critical mass and scale both pre and post the initial public offering stage. Prior to becoming a partner at KA Search Partners, Tim Wenzel served as the Vice President of Human Resources for, an academic company based in Santa Clara, CA that specializes in online textbook rentals, homework help, and scholarships through its’ subsidiary Zinch.  Tim has more than 15 years of Silicon Valley recruiting and HR experience. Prior to joining Chegg, Tim was Vice President of Human Resources at TokBox, a Sequoia-backed video communications start-up in San Francisco. Before TokBox, Tim was Vice President of Human Resources at Tesla Motors, where he enjoyed taking candidates for rides in prototype vehicles and led the growth of the company from 150 to 300 people. Earlier in his career, Tim spent seven years with PayPal, where he was the company’s first recruiter. He built the staffing team and scaled the company from 50 to 5,000 employees. In addition to managing recruiting, Tim also provided employee relations, performance management and executive coaching support for all of the business groups at PayPal. He holds a Master of Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance from San Jose State University.
Sailiemanu Willis

Sailiemanu Willis: Sailiemanu Willis is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California, majoring in Communication and graduating Spring 2014. She graduated from Oakland Technical high school. She was born and raised in American Samoa till the age of 11 then moved to the U.S. for better education and opportunities. Saili currently work as a project assistant for a consultant firm called Public Profit located in downtown Oakland. She started working for Public Profit right out of high school part-time during the school year and full time during the summer since 2010. She also works in the computer lab under the Communication Department. She is interested in learning more about digital media and technology. 

Steve Woolpert Steve Woolpert: A Professor of Politics and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Saint Mary's College, Steve Woolpert is an expert source and media commentator on the U.S. Constitution,the Supreme Court, and state and national politics. An invited speaker at many higher education conferences, he is the senior editor of the award-winning book,Transformational Politics: Theory, Study, and Practice, among other publications. Woolpert was named Professor of the Year at Saint Mary's College in 2003. As the Dean of Liberal Arts, he sponsors Saint Mary's Digital Studies Program. Woolpert holds a doctorate in Political Science from Stanford University.
Matthew Zeier Matthew Zeier: Matthew Zeier is the Director of Operations Lookout. In his spare time he works to build an organization of dedicated volunteer systems administrators who want to devote some of their time to help the open source and open communities with non-profit organizations that work to create open source and a better, open Web.