Transfer Resources

The Communication Department has had many transfer students entering the department. For those interested in transferring into Communication, here are some common resources you will find helpful. Take charge of your graduation goals by keeping up to date on the Major Requirements and Core Requirements you must fulfill. The following are some resources from the Communication Department to ensure your transfer process is flawless.

Transfer Equivalency 

Want to find out what courses transfer to the Communication Department at Saint Mary’s? By referring to the Transfer Equivalency Portal, you can take a look at what courses are expected to transfer over. 

It is also helpful to keep in mind what communication courses you have taken at your previous institution. If that course or school is not listed on the Transfer Equivalency Portal, it is recommended to refer to the syllabus/i of the class(es) taken at the previous institution. By directing yourself to the Student Pathways section and Course Catalog, you can have a general overview of what courses might transfer over.

For more questions on course Transfer Equivalency within the Communication Department, contact Dr. Aaron Sachowitz.

Touring Campus

Tours on campus are offered year round, as well as information sessions, classroom visit experiences, and TRANSFER INFORMATION sessions. All of these can be found on our SMC’s Visit Campus page. To request specific tours/visit on the Communication Department, please contact Administrative Assistant Lori Erokan at


Transfer Student in Comm

Most of our transfer students in the department have been heavily involved in campus life, whether writing for Saint Mary’s school newspaper, The Collegian; hosting their own radio show on KSMC Radio; or taking on an internship like working for the Athletic department on campus. There are many ways to get involved outside of the classroom and gain hands-on experience in the Communication field.

We have a handful of Transfer students who would love to share their experience with you in helping make your decision to transfer over to SMC. Just give us a ring or email below detailing what interest you have in the field of communication, and we'll make sure to pair you with someone who had the same interests coming in.

We'll get back to you ASAP!

ph: 925-631-4048