Connecting & Planning

It's amazing how fast a year goes by. When I took over as president of the alumni association board, I set out to achieve two goals: reconnecting alums with the College, and establishing a strategic five-year plan for the alumni association.

In that time, chapters around the country brought members out to meet the new College president, Brother Ronald Gallagher. The 50th anniversary of modern rugby brought more than 300 alumni back to Moraga this spring; many had only been back to the campus two or three times since graduating. These events, along with many other activities over the past year, have reconnected many alumni with Saint Mary's College.

We are also very close to completing a strategic five-year plan to bring the alumni association in closer step with the goals of the College and provide long-term direction to the association.

This has been a very rewarding year, and I would like to thank the alumni association's board of directors, executive committee, the Alumni Relations office and you, the alumni of Saint Mary's College, who have supported all of our activities this past year.

In closing, all I can say is to keep connected and Go Gaels!


Michael Boele '72