Contra Costa Times Profiles Jan Term Courses on Culinary Science

Contra Costa Times story "Quenching a culinary thirst"The Contra Costa Times focused on several food-related course offerings in a profile of culinary classes available during  Jan Term 2012.

The article “TASTY EDUCATION: Quenching a culinary thirst,” prominently featured Saint Mary's Biology Professor Anthony Talo in several photographs  and interviewed him about his course "Battle of the Beverage Titans: Coffee vs. Tea," which explores the science behind the appeal of the two beverages.

Also interviewed was Chemistry Professor Alexander Pandell, a self-described wine alchemist, Pandell teaches the course "Wine: From A to Zin, " an introductory courses on wine appreciation.

(photo shown here by Contra Costa Times photographer Karl Mondon)

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, January 5, 2012