Habits of Mind

A primary goal of the core curriculum is that students think deliberately and express themselves in a coherent and persuasive manner.

In developing these habits, students gain proficiency in explaining, justifying and modifying their ideas, and they gain the ability to reflect critically on their assumptions. The habits are ways in which students approach areas of knowledge and methods of inquiry. Considered fundamental to a liberal education, habits of mind foster each student’s development as one who seeks to know the truth and is preparing for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Four-year students will meet the learning goals in this category through their four-course sequence in Collegiate Seminar, and three-course sequence in writing (English 4, English 5, and a Writing in the Discipline course).

Courses contributing to meeting these goals:

Oversight: The Habits of Mind Working Group performs the initial review of courses proposed to meet the learning goals of the Core Curriculum, and thus serves as the liaison between departments and disciplinary experts, and the Core Curriculum Committee.