Working Groups

Working Groups function as subcommittees of the Core Curriculum Committee recommending for inclusion in the Core Curriculum, courses that fulfill outcomes under the Core learning goals, according to guidelines established by the Core Curriculum Committee. Working Groups consist of a chair, who is a member of the CCC, and four appointed members of the faculty.

Core Curriculum Working Groups 2016-2017


Habits of Mind

Chair: Frances Sweeney, CCC member, World Languages and Cultures

Hilda Ma, Composition, English

José Feito, Collegiate Seminar, Psychology

Anna Novakov, Art History, January Term

Mary True, Psychology

Margaret Brown-Salazar, Ex-officio, Library


Mathematical and Scientific Understanding 

Chair: Alice Baldridge, CCC Member, Environmental Science

Steve Miller, Kinesiology

Manisha Anantharaman, Justice, Community and Leadership

Jim Sauerberg, Mathematics and Computer Science

TBD: Library liaison


Artistic Understanding

Chair: Elena Songster, CCC member, History

Andrew Mount, Art and Art History

Meghan Sweeney, English

Deanna Zibello, Performing Arts

Felicia Martinez, Integral

Josh Rose, Ex-officio, Library


Theological Understanding

Chair: Wenting Pan, CCC member, Business Administration

Andrew Connor, Mathematics

Thomas Poundstone, Theology and Religious Studies

Anne Carpenter, Theology and Religious Studies

Joseph Drexler-Dreis, Theology and Religious Studies

Martin Cohen, Ex-officio, Library


Social, Historical and Cultural Understanding

Chair: Aeleah Soine, CCC member, History

Marie Pagliarini, Theology and Religious Studies

Zeynap Atalay, Sociology

Cliff Lee, Education

Makiko Imamura, Communication (fall only)

Sue Birkenseer, Ex-Officio, Library


American Diversity and Global Perspectives

Chair: Caitlin Powell, CCC member,  Psychology

David Quijada, Ethnic Studies

Myrna Santiago, History

Yuan Li, Management

Patty Wade, Ex-officio, Library


The Common Good and Community Engagement

Chair: Ellen Rigsby, CCC member, Communication

Andrew Mount, Art

Scott Schonfeldt-Aultman, Communication

Denise Witzig, Women's and Gender Studies

Steve Bachofer, Biochemistry

Sarah Vital, Ex-officio, Library

Jennifer Pigza, Ex-officio, CILSA