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CWAC Resources 

Material from June 2014 WiD Workshop

Department/Program Course Designation Status Course Material
Accounting Acct 162L: Lab #3: Argument Designated  
Allied Health Science AHS 100: Environmental Health Designated  
Anthropology Antro 100: Principles Designated Syllabus and Proposal
Art Theory, Art Practice and Criticism ATC 80: Art Theory Provisionally Designated Syllabus arriving Sept 2015
Art and Art History Art History 100: Women and Art Designated Syllabus
BA in Leadership & Organizational Studies Capstone Sequence Designated  
Biology and Environmental & Earth Studies/Science Bio 125: General Ecology Designated Syllabus
BioChemistry Chem 136: Advanced Biochemistry Designated Syllabus and explanation
Business Administration BusAd 127: Business Communication Designated Syllabus and Proposal and CLOs and Editing

Chem 89: Chemical Literature

Chem 110: Topics


Proposal and Chem89 Syllabus and Final Project and Chem 110 Syllabus
Classical Languages Individual Study    

Comm 100: Communication Theory

Designated Course Material
Economics Econ 102: Development of Economic Theory Designated Syllabus

Eng 29: Issues in Literary Study

Eng 170: Problems in Literary Theory

Eng 29 Designated

Eng 170 submitted

Eng 29 Syllabus and Application  and English 170 material


Globa & Regional Studies

 Women & Gender Studies

GRS 196/WGS 190: Senior Thesis Designated Syllabus and Schedule
French French 101: Advanced Phonetics and History of the French Language Designated Syllabus and Proposal
History History 10: Introduction to Historical Methods Designated Syllabus and example, note-taking, writing
Integral Program  Int 196: Senior Essay  Designated  
Kinesiology Kines 15: Research Methods and Writing in Kinesiology Designated Syllabus, article review, article format, hw, idea development
LEAP Capstone    
Justice, Community and Leadership JCL 120: Theory and Inquiry in Justice, Community and Leadership Designated  
Mathematics & Computer Science

Math 103: Introduction to Upper Division Mathematics

Math 193: Senior Essay

Math 103 Designated

Math 193 to be submitted

M103 Syllabus and Math 193 Syllabus
Performing Arts: Music Perfa 118: 20th Century Composers  Designated  
Performing Arts: Theatre Perfa 136: Theatre: Special Topics Designated Syllabus and Proposal
Performing Arts: Dance Perfa 184: Dance in Performance Designated Syllabus
Philosophy Phil 196/198: Senior Thesis    
Physics / 3&2 Engineering Physics 181: Electronics and Instrumentation Designated Proposal/Syllabus

Pol 100: Writing, Research and Analysis for Poltics Majors

Designated Syllabus, open-universe, closed-universe and reading 1, 2, 3
Psychology Psych 103: Psychological Methods and Analysis II Designated Syllabus and Proposal and Projects
Sociology Soc 101: The Sociological Imagination Designated Syllabus
Spanish Span 102: Advanced Writing and Research Designated Syllabus and Proposal
Theology and Religious Studies TRS 190/196: Intensive Inquiry Designated