Fall is a season of beginning at Saint Mary’s, a time for meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, of opening untouched texts and filling blank notebooks with questions, explanations and revelations. Students arrive ready to learn and eager to get involved in all sorts of activities on campus and off.

This is also the season for reaping the fruits of the harvest and gathering with family and friends to give thanks. In this issue, we share the bounty that Saint Mary’s has received during the past year, and we give thanks for the many generous alumni, friends, faculty, staff and others among us.

In the following pages, you’ll meet members of the extended Siler family, who have blessed Saint Mary’s both as students and as alumni over nearly 50 years of dedication to the College. The school spirit they felt when they were on the campus has never faded, and they remain great cheerleaders and supporters of the school.

In the Honor Roll of Donors, we wanted to more than merely present the names of those whose contributions help ensure that the College can continue its mission of educating young people in the Lasallian tradition. We selected five individuals or families who represent major donor categories and found out why Saint Mary’s has had a profound effect on their lives.

This fall also brought the passing of Integral Program founder Brother Sixtus Robert Smith. Brother Kenneth Cardwell, director of Collegiate Seminar, blessed us with a tribute to his longtime friend and colleague. It appears on the Letters page; letters will return in the next issue. Happy Thanksgiving!