About Therapy

CAPS can be a valuable tool in helping you to gain insight into both your feelings and behavior.

If you are going through a difficult period, talking with friends and relatives will often provide you with all the help and support you need. But in certain cases, even the most understanding friend can't pull you out of the doldrums. It sometimes takes the skill and experience of a trained professional or the support, focus, and structure of a group to help you to uncover conflicts and fully address problems.

A good therapist or group can help you find the strength within to confront pressing issues and to understand, question, cope with, and make changes in your life.


The following quotes are taken from a college handbook written by graduates from Barnard College in New York (The College Women's Handbook, Dobkin and Sippy, 1995).:

"I liked working with a campus therapist because she had the experience working with college students.  She knew the school and the atmosphere and was tuned in to the pressures I faced being a student here. I didn't have to take the time to explain everything." — Brown '95

"I'd thought that a lot of self-disclosure would make me uncomfortable, and at first I did not want anyone to know so much about me.  That fear subsided after a session or two because I realized the more I told, the better I felt.  I didn't feel better instantaneously, but I felt better eventually.  I shared things I was embarrassed about, but I learned those things were important to get out, too." — Smith '93