Facts & Fears About Therapy

Some common facts and fears about counseling are listed and discussed below. Check it out, it may provide the answer you've been looking for!

Fear:  My concerns are too vague, trivial, disturbing, or embarrassing to talk about with a counselor.
Fact: Regardless of your individual and possibly unique concerns, there are experienced, understanding therapists at CAPS who will listen and are willing to help.

Fear: People who receive therapy of any kind are needy, crazy, sick or weird.
Fact:  There are individuals in therapy who have concerns that require attention. There are however, many students who consider therapy because they feel stuck in any number of areas in their life; academically, socially, personally and so on. Most of us have times that feel more difficult than others. Seeking therapy during these times is usually considered a sign of health and strength — as it is a step in dealing with those hardships.

Fear:  Dealing with my concerns may make me worse, causing me to feel more sad, angry or isolated and I can't afford this while in school/work etc.
Fact: While it is true that the process of therapy can be challenging, the benefits to uncovering and learning about oneself usually outweighs the effects of not dealing with the concerns you may be experiencing.

Fear:  I don't know how to start and am too nervous about how to go through the beginning steps of the process.
Fact:  It is common to feel uneasy about how to begin. CAPS at Saint Mary's, like other centers, has people ready to take you through the first steps slowly and explain things thoroughly.