What to Expect

Counseling provides an opportunity to explore your feelings, thoughts, and conflicts in order to gain a deeper understanding of how they impact your choices and behaviors.

The therapist and client engage in a collaborative process to examine current difficulties or distress in a safe and confidential atmosphere. The therapist neither gives advice nor attempts to persuade you to follow any particular course of action, but rather facilitates a working partnership which allows you to improve your skills, begin to resolve your concerns, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Often, the process of resolving your issues may include experiencing uncomfortable feelings; however, this can be a critical part of your self-exploration, and the counselor will assist you in examining these feelings. It is important that any concerns you have be shared with your counselor.

Counseling at CAPS is provided in an open, honest, and culturally-sensitive environment. Your counselor will respect you and your difficulties and is concerned that you receive quality treatment.