Why Students Seek Therapy

Therapy on college campuses is a process in which trained therapists provide students with the support the may need to work through and understand difficult issues in their lives.

Like most colleges, CAPS is available to any student who wishes to discuss concerns in his or her life. Some of the topics that individuals bring to CAPS include relationships with family members, friends or partners, academic difficulties, drug and/ or alcohol use, eating and body issues, loneliness, grief, loss, stress, life transitions, issues of personal growth and a wide range of other questions and concerns.

There are many more reasons that lead people to seek help from CAPS. At Saint Mary's, the process of therapy is a collaborative one . The therapists are trained to work with each student in a way that would be most helpful for the person's health and well being. Often times, people consider therapy not because of any one, easily articulated concern. but simply because they feel stuck. Therapy is a resource that many people utilize when they want help getting unstuck.