Common Concerns

Check out these PDFs; they contain useful information.

Please remember that while the information you find here may be helpful to you, it is not a substitute for face-to-face contact with a professional. If you feel you have a concern which you want to discuss with a staff member, please do not hesitate to contact us. Services are available to the Saint Mary's College community. Please call us at (925) 631-4364 or stop by our offices on the ground floor of Augustine Hall.

Acquaintance Rape/Sexual Assault (pdf)

Adjusting to College Life (pdf)

Campus Safety Tips (pdf)

Depression (pdf)

Body Image & Eating Disorders (pdf)

Grief & Loss (pdf)

Healthy Relationships (pdf)

Self-Esteem (pdf)

Stress (pdf)

Survivors of Abuse (pdf)

1st Generation Brochure (pdf)