Support Groups & Group Therapy

CAPS provides various support and therapy groups for the Saint Mary's College campus community.

We offer groups and workshops on various topics including issues related to food and body image, coping with grief and loss, sexual trauma, alcohol and drug use, relationships, stress management, coping with life transitions, and cultural diversity and interpersonal communication.

If a particular need arises on campus, we will organize a group on a particular subject area or for a particular group of students or staff members. Groups take place at CAPS or may be organized at another campus location.


Why Participate In Group?

  • Group can provide a space for you to work on interpersonal issues in the context of many supportive and reliable relationships.
  • Group therapy helps to establish a sense of belonging and connection that you may be seeking in your life.
  • Group can help you to attain your goals by providing supportive and challenging feedback from members and trained facilitators.
  • Group can be a great option for getting longer-term services.



First In The Family — Are you the first in your family to attend college?  Are you the first to move away from home?  Unsure of the “hidden rules” of college? Come share your experience and gain support surrounding feelings of excitement and anxiety, responsibility, pride, guilt and confusion.

Understanding Anxiety and Stress  — This group is for those who want to better understand the source(s) of their anxiety and stress. The group will offer a safe, confidential space to explore issues related to anxiety including: General worrying, panic, social and performance anxiety.

Bicultural — Ever feel like you are straddling two worlds, or that you don't fit anywhere? Join the Bicultural Group to share your experiences with others who can understand where you're coming from. We'll talk about different aspects of your cultural identity, including race, class, and ethnicity. Conversations with other students who can relate to you will help you feel more connected and give you a greater sense of belonging.

Queer & Questioning — A safe, confidential place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex students to discuss issues related to sexuality and gender. The goal is to create a sense of community and support and to provide a forum to meet others who are thinking about these subjects

Good Grief — This group will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to explore grief.  Have you lost someone close to you?  Are you struggling with the terminal illness of a loved one?  Are you feeling lost in the loss? 

Sexual Trauma Survivors — Have you had an unwanted sexual experience?  Have you felt shamed and/or silenced by the trauma? Connect with others to know you are not alone.

Veterans - Are you a veteran who is transitioning back to civilian life and starting school? This group will give you a safe, confidential space to talk with other vets about these significant adjustments and the challenges they bring. Hearing from others who are experiencing similar things will help you feel more connected, and it will make the adjustments go more smoothly.