Updates for This Week

September 4, 2020 | Updates this week for COVID-19 News and Resources include additional information about the Interim Campus Access Policy, Rheem Student Space, COVID -19 Related Employee Briefing on Sept 9th and communication from Office of Dean of Students. 

Working on Campus?  Faculty and staff who are approved to work on campus on a regular basis will be provided a placard to place on your dashboard. You will receive an email when your placard is ready for pick-up. The placard will be distributed from the Public Safety kiosk as you enter the campus, along with two facial coverings provided by the College. Until then please continue checking in at the gate. Students who reside off-campus and are approved to work on campus will also be issued a placard. Those who are visiting campus occasionally to pick-up, drop-off or work for a short period of time will not need or be issued, a placard at this time.

Please contact KC Walker at clw@stmarys-ca.edu if you have any question

Rheem Campus A Success! The Rheem building at 380 Moraga Road is open Monday-Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm and Friday 7:30am-2:00pm. Saint Mary’s staff will be on-site during building hours to assist students. Parking is available, and the County Connection bus line (Route 6) is in service. Details about the SMC services and amenities available may be found here.

Interim Campus Access Policy The Interim Campus Access Policy is a mitigation strategy to lessen the risk to employees and students of exposure to contagions, including COVID-19. This interim policy is in addition to the existing policies found in the Student Handbook (Visitation and Guests; and Residence Hall Visitor Policy and Guidelines for Residential Students both found under Residential Living Policies) and the Employee Handbook (Section 2.10 - Friends, Family, and Children 14 and under in the workplace). Visit our website for the list of groups that are permitted to come to campus.

Requests for campus access is submitted to the Senior Leadership member of your area.  See the Authorized Approver List Here. Approved exceptions will be added to Public Safety’s campus access list. 

All visitors, guests, contractors, and vendors are asked to adhere to our Campus-Wide Health & Safety Protocol.  

 September COVID-19 Related Employee Briefing: Join us on Sept 16th at 3:00pm for our Q & A session related to COVID-19 News and Resources.

Mindful Stress Management webinar next Thursday: This pandemic has brought about unprecedented uncertainty and stress.  Many people are walking around with elevated nervous systems, which can lead to unexpected or frequent conflict.  Take advantage of the upcoming Mindful Stress Management webinar, hosted by our Employee Assistance Program and Human Resources, as a way to counteract this stress.

 Transportation Policy: The COVID-19 Transportation Policy provides parameters for approved ground travel and includes all Saint Mary’s College-owned and personal vehicles driven for approved College business, collectively referred to as “vehicles”.  All drivers must follow the policies and procedures outlined on the Facilities Services website

Dean of Students Email: The Office of the Dean of Students sent out communication by email to the resident students. This email addressed working together as a community to reduce the spread of illness and the opportunity to provide feedback. 

Read the email here.