COVID-19 News and Resources Updates

Here are the latest updates for COVID-19 News and Resources

  • Jan Term 2021
  • Volunteers Needed for COVID Screening Testing
  • Rheem Study Space Details
  • Employee Briefing COVID-19 Q & A - Wednesday, 9/16 3:00pm
  • Article of the Week
  • Contra Costa County Health Order and Testing Updates
  • Flu Shot Recommended for all Employees
  • Resilience Wellness Workshop - Thursday, 10/8 2:00pm
  • COVID-19 News & Resources Email Communication

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January Term Experience 2021

January Term 2021 will be primarily, and for many students exclusively, delivered remotely. The small number of hybrid or in-person courses will include some in-person instruction that will occur either on campus, and be only accessible for students living on campus; or occur off campus, and be open exclusively to students living off campus. Some of these in-person or hybrid courses may include local trips which will be pre-approved by the College, and those courses will also be noted as limited to only on-campus or off-campus students.  Read more about the announcement here.

Volunteers Needed for COVID-19 Screening Tests

The Health and Wellness Center is providing weekly COVID Screening Testing for students on Tuesdays and is looking for additional volunteers from employees who regularly come to campus. Shifts are between 9:45am and 2:15pm. Please call our H&WC at (925) 631-4254 or email our COVID Administrative Assistant Regina Berny at

Rheem Study Space

So far this semester, over 650 off campus SMC students have taken advantage of the services being offered at Rheem Off Campus Student Space, including textbooks pickup, complete homework and reservable study spaces. Students continue to utilize the space for virtual interviews, in class Zoom meetings, socially distanced small group work, printing and studying. As we approach midterms, hours will be expanded into the evenings and programming (such as coffee truck visits and voter registration drives) will be offered. 


September COVID-19 Related Employee Briefing Wednesday, 9/16 3:00pm

Join us on Sept 16th at 3:00pm for our Q & A session related to COVID-19 News and Resources.

Article of the Week: Mental Health Needs Rise With Pandemic by Greta Anderson | Inside Higher Ed

A mountain of troubling data about rising mental health problems has health advocates and providers worried about the need for additional support for struggling students and the ability of colleges to provide it. Read more here

Contra Costa County Health Order and Testing Updates

Amendments to the current health order were announced by the Contra Costa County Health Department on September 14, 2020 to better align with California’s COVID-19 Blueprint for a Safer Economy.  View the full health order here.

Anyone who lives or works in Contra Costa can help make the county safer from COVID-19 and reopen more quickly by getting a fast, free COVID-19 test at a community testing site. The state has reduced the requirements for moving into less restrictive tiers for counties that test many people every day, and other Bay Area counties have already qualified for this benefit.

Make a COVID-19 testing appointment today by calling 1-844-421-0804 or booking online here

Flu Shot Recommended for all Employees

According to the CDC, getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever during 2020-2021 to protect yourself and the people around you from flu, and to help reduce the strain on healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage employees to contact their healthcare provider to obtain and inquire about the flu vaccine. Further information about flu vaccines from Contra Costa County are available here

The College will be providing flu shots for employees who are approved to come on campus regularly. Human Resources will be sharing a link for sign-ups for on-campus flu shots.  The first date that injections will be provided is Monday, September 21st, with more dates to be announced soon. 

Resilience: Strengthening Our Reserve: a Wellness in the Workplace Workshop

Thursday, 10/8 2-2:45pm

Resilience is the ability to survive trauma and bounce back from stressful situations.  Resilience is important for overall well-being and effectiveness at work and in life.  Learn important tips and practices in this self-reflective session.

COVID-19 News & Resources Weekly Email Communication

Updates related to COVID-19 News and Resources will no longer be a weekly email.  Information and continued communication to employees about COVID-19 will be provided via MySMC portal. Critical information will continue to be emailed out as needed.