COVID-19 Transportation Policy

This policy provides parameters for approved ground travel and includes all Saint Mary’s College-owned and personal vehicles driven for approved College business, collectively referred to as “vehicles”.  All drivers must follow the policies and procedures outlined on the Facilities Services website

In general, students and employees should reduce congregate travel as much as possible.  Whenever possible, students and employees are encouraged to travel within an established cohort, bubble, or pod. 

When traveling by car or van, the following requirements must be met:

  • All occupants must have signed the Gaels Wellness Pledge.
  • All occupants must have completed the Daily Health Screening (LiveSafe). Only those with a green checkmark are permitted to ride in the vehicle.
  • All occupants must wear face coverings.
  • When using 10-passenger vans, occupants should be spaced with one person per row, and positioned so that no one is sitting directly in front of, or behind, another person.  
  • When personal vehicles are used, occupancy should be limited to no more than one person per row (i.e. 2 persons in a standard 4-door car).
  • Drivers and passengers should follow the best practices for good hygiene, including washing hands, wearing face coverings, and disinfecting contact areas before and after use.