Interim Policy for Events, Gatherings and Meetings

This interim policy is a mitigation strategy created to lessen the risk to employees and students of exposure to contagions, including COVID-19. Saint Mary's College is following applicable CDC, state, and local county public health guidance.


As of July 11, 2020

In order to comply with the health order from the Contra Costa County Health Services, events, gatherings, and meetings are currently prohibited.

Contra Costa County Health Services Order No. HO-COVID19-18: All public and private gatherings of individuals who are not members of the same household or living unit are prohibited.


Events, meetings and gathering are defined below:

Major Event

An approved function that has an estimated attendance of more than 50 people. The event is often open to the entire campus community, and sometimes to outside community members.  Examples include: Athletic Competitions, Involvement Fairs and Performances. 


An approved, planned public or social occasion.  Examples include: Club Socials, film screenings, fundraisers/tabling and religious gatherings including Mass.


Two or more people, not from the same household, convening in an informal manner.  Often spontaneous in nature.  Examples include: A meetup with friends or coworkers on campus, grabbing lunch to go and sitting outside as a group.


An approved, invited assembly of two or more Saint Mary's staff, faculty and/or students for work purposes, club/organization meetings, team practice, or class project.  Meetings may be re-occuring or singular in instance.  Examples include: staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, training sessions, performance rehearsals (other than for credit-bearing classes).