Facilities Services

Facilities Services (through its contracted custodial team, Able Services) will continue providing daily cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, break rooms, bathrooms, and all public spaces. Facilities Services will provide disinfecting wipes and/or disinfectant spray bottles for computer labs, classrooms and public spaces for individuals to clean surfaces regularly.  Clorox wipes may not be available so community members should be prepared to use spray bottles and paper towels as an alternative.

Cleanliness and hygiene are everyone’s job and responsibility. The entire Saint Mary’s community must work together to keep others healthy and safe.

facilities services cleaning specifications 


In response to the emergency temporary Cal/OSHA standard on COVID-19 infection prevention, the College established, implemented, and maintains an effective written COVID-19 Prevention Plan. Click below to view the COVID-19 Prevention Plan on the Environmental Health & Safety website.

EH&S COVID-19 Prevention Plan 


Academic Services

  • Classrooms, labs, and similar instructional spaces are cleaned and disinfected at least one (1) time daily.   (As often as possible, an electrostatic sprayer will be used to clean these spaces,)  It is not feasible to clean and disinfect classrooms after every class session, however, certain circumstances may require special attention.
  • All indoor spaces not traditionally used for classroom instruction or related activities (such as the Soda Center) will follow this academic cleaning and disinfection frequency protocol.
  • Outdoor classroom furnishings will be cleaned at least once daily.
  • Additional disinfection services will be provided in the Saint Albert Library. The scope of these services has not yet been finalized.

Administrative Facilities

  • Administrative offices, faculty offices, and other similar spaces will continue to be cleaned and disinfected on the regular schedule as contracted.  In most cases, this work is scheduled for two (2) times per week.  Specific information regarding the frequency of cleaning is available on the Facilities Services website.
  • Public restrooms, customer service areas and counters, high touch-points, and common area spaces will be cleaned and disinfected several times daily.  These services are more fully explained on page 3.

Guidance for Cleaning and disinfecting office spaces   

Athletic Facilities

  • Athletic facilities that are open for use will be cleaned and disinfected per the standard schedule and contract specifications.
  • Public restrooms and high-touch points in these (open) facilities will be cleaned and disinfected several times daily when the building is open for use.
  • Athletic staff is responsible for disinfecting locker rooms in preparation of, and following, visiting team use.

Outdoor Facilities

Facilities such as patios, decks, quads, and similar spaces generally require normal, routine Level 1 cleaning and disinfection.  Employees and students should follow best practices for maintaining good personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing.  The Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center will be open when county health services allow and with cleaning protocols in place to ensure the safest environment for our community. Facilities Services (Able Services) will provide daily cleaning and disinfection as scheduled.  Campus Recreation Staff will disinfect all equipment and open spaces several times a day. Additional hand sanitizer stations will be available for members. Members will also be expected to clean all touchpoints on equipment prior to and after each use.  Outdoor facilities will be maintained in the following manner:

  • Outdoor classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at least one (1) time per day before classes are scheduled.
  • Outdoor tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected at least one (1) time daily.  Additional cleaning and disinfection may be provided as time permits.
  • The Grounds team is responsible for additional preparations and considerations related to outdoor spaces and outdoor classrooms, such as irrigation and mowing/ blowing schedules.

Residence Halls

  • The cleaning and disinfection frequency of residence hall bathrooms and common spaces will be increased based on the design/ floor plan and use of the building.
  • Traditional-style residence halls are normally cleaned and disinfected one (1) time per day.  The cleaning and disinfection frequency in these facilities will be increased to three (3) times daily.
  • Suite and townhouse-style residence halls are normally cleaned and disinfected one (1) time per week. Specifically, suite-style bathrooms (and common areas) and townhouse bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned by the custodial team.  Since these are living units/pods, no increase in the cleaning of these spaces by custodial services is planned.
  • Lounge spaces, laundry rooms, and other common spaces in residence halls are normally cleaned and disinfected one (1) time per day.  The frequency of these services will be increased to several times daily.  In order to reduce unnecessary exposure and/or unnecessary costs related to cleaning, some of these facilities may be closed and inaccessible for use.  In this case, they will not be cleaned until which time they are to be opened for use by employees and students. Note that closures are made in consultation with the program occupying the space.
  • Individual student bedrooms are not included in the custodial contract and are not normally cleaned.  Any suspected exposure/contact or confirmed case in an individual bedroom will be addressed per the standard procedures outlined in the Suspected or Confirmed COVID Case Procedures section below.
  • In circumstances of isolation or quarantine, additional services will be provided by the Able Services ReliAble team, utilizing the appropriate cleaning level and required frequencies.

Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting Residence Halls

Support Facilities

The programs and services that operate in these facilities are unique and may not follow a standard protocol.  Therefore, cleaning and disinfection services for these buildings will be determined once the path forward is known.  Generally speaking, additional disinfection services may be provided several times per day in these buildings: