COVID-19 Update: March 5, 2020


Guidance for Faculty 

  • It is important for instructors to be flexible in working with students who have been directed to self-isolate to allow them to continue to make progress in their courses without attending class. Examples of accommodating those students’ needs might include providing alternate means for them to access in-class materials or activities, as well as alternative means for them to submit papers or assignments.

Assisting Self-Isolating Students.

  • The Saint Mary’s EdTech Center provides an array of resources to support faculty in their use of technology in the delivery of course materials and instruction, including workshops and one-on-one consultations on the use of tools such as Moodle, Zoom, and Google applications. 

Preparing for Additional Contingencies.  

  • There has been no recommendation by health officials to suspend campus operations or cancel any classes; however, now is the perfect time to prepare for the possibility of continuing instruction when in-person class meetings are not possible. To help with this preparation, EdTech has developed an Academic Resiliency Checklist that provides contact information to access EdTech assistance, a list of technical requirements for accessing courses online, and guidance and links for using Moodle to contact your students, post course materials, conduct synchronous online class sessions, and access Zoom conferencing.