COVID-19 Update: March 9, 2020

Social Distancing and Large Scale Events

There has been no confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Saint Mary’s campus community at this time. However, there have been confirmed cases in Contra Costa County ( 9 cases as of 3/09/20).  Since there is evidence of spread in the County, Saint Mary’s at this time is advising the following regarding social distancing and large scale events:

  • Departments, offices or organizations that are planning large-scale events (where there is expected participants or audience of 150 and above) consider rescheduling or postponing the event until the end of Spring Break (April 14). 
  • Where cancellation or postponement is not feasible at this time, engage in social distancing where possible either through the location of the event or arrangement of the seating at the location (e.g. participants are able to be at least an arm’s length from one another on all sides) and have clear direction advertised ahead of the event that if a participant is not well, they should not participate in the event, and have signage around the event that reminds participants of healthy practices that will help reduce the spread of illness (covering mouths with a tissue if they sneeze or cough, avoid shaking hands and using hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available). 
  • All event organizers should be aware that our current situation is fluid.  It is wise to have ready a back-up plan for your event if we do move to a campus closure of large-scale events.

Disposables In Dining Service

  • Sodexo, the College's food services partner, will move to the use of disposables in the dining room.

Human Resources FAQs for Employees, Managers, and Supervisors

  • SMC's Human Resources Department has developed an FAQ resource for employees seeking information related to COVID-19.  See the FAQ section below or visit the following link.