Current Members


Serving by Position

  • Chair of Theology & Religious Studies: Fr. David Gentry-Akin (represented by Joseph Drexler-Dreis)
  • Asst Director in Mission and Ministry:  TBA
  • Chaplain, Mission and Ministry: Fr. Hai Ho, OFMCap
  • Director of the Henning Institute:  TBA
  • CILSA : Jennifer Pigza
  • Vice President for Mission: Carole Swain
  • Vice Provost for Student Life: Jane Camarillo
  • Dean, School of Liberal Arts:  Sheila Hassell Hughes
  • ASMC Student Representative: Maria Mata
  • Student Representatives: Francis Guerrero-Garcia, Halen Gamino

Representatives appointed by the President and Provost

  • One academic dean:  Roy Wensley, School of Science
  • One student life dean: Evette Castillo Clark
  • One Christian Brother representative: Bro. Martin Yribarren, FSC
  • One faculty representative from each of the undergraduate schools:
    School of Science:  TBA
    School of Liberal Arts: Joe Zepeda
    School of Business and Economics:  TBA
  • One faculty representative from graduate school:  Susan Marston
  • One faculty at-large:  TBA
  • One staff representative: Jeanne DeMatteo
  • Administrative Assistant:  Sally Jamison

Chair: Bro.Charles Hilken, FSC                                   

Seefurth Chair: Bishop John S. Cummins                    

Administrative Assistant: Sally Jamison

Finance Committee

  •  The Finance Committee will be composed of the Chair, Administrative Assistant, and two members of the Governing Board
  • The Committee proposes a yearly budget to the Board for approval.
  • The Committee establishes “Guides for the Application for Assistance for Activities and Events.” The Committee reviews all requests for assistance from persons and organizations which do not have membership on the Governing Board according to the approved “Guidelines.”
  • The Committee makes decisions on all requests up to $1,500.  Requests for more than $1,500 must have the approval of the Governing Board.  Decisions are made in line with the total amount for non-Governing Board activities approved by the Board each year. 


Brother Charles Hilken, FSC [May, 2010], Sally Jamison [September, 2009],  Jeanne DeMatteo [September 2013] Jennifer Pigza [September 2015]



Events and Pro Committee

The Events and Programs Committee is responsible for the major activities and events of the Governing Board, at least one in the Fall Semester and one in the Spring Semester.  The purpose of these events and programs is to promote the Catholic intellectual tradition at Saint Mary’s College.  Proposed activities are presented at a Governing Board meeting for approval.  Events are in line with the total amount for Governing Board activities approved by the Governing Board year.  No member of the Board is precluded from suggesting sponsorship for any event or activity at any meeting. 

Members: Brother Charles Hilken, FSC,  Sally Jamison,  Roy Wensley, PhD

Montini Fellow Sub-Committee: Brother Charles Hilken, FSC, Carole Swain, Sally Jamison